Awakened Light Great Awakening

By Popular demand you asked for her videos - awakened light!

At The Gates Running Out Of Time Introduction Video

No longer a conspiracy the New World Order is here and almost complete. Within months this will become the Archon’s reality if humanity chooses to stay asleep. 

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Hydroxychloroquine They Tricked The Truthers & The Fell For It

When the truthers fall for the oldest trick in the book. How come? Leaving you no option but to address them and let them know whats up.

Powerful You Have Been Woken Up Message To The World

Another clip from a live video posted following David Ickes wake up call to the world. Awakened light sends out the call to the 144 the people of the 4 corners 

You Own Nothing & You Will Lose Everything If You Don't Stand Up

Do you really own anything or is it all on finance? As we head towards the world largest recession where will it leave you, will you survive. If you have to remain on lockdown?

Conspiracies Are Coming True Tin Hats Turn Professional?

When all the conspiracy theories start coming true, you have to ask your self one question? What type of a world are we really living in could it be true, we are living in a matrix?

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Awakened Light New World Order The March Warning

The warning went out in March, but how may people payed attention. Most thought they would be home for only 14 days but here we are still on Lockdown 

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As We Enter Phase 2 Economy Crash Touching Base August

As more and more businesses go into liquidation UK enters its second phase of the global economy crash. We in spikes time more people will wake up also 

If The Archons Lose They Will Not Leave Us The Toys

Clips from a live video posted on 7th June 2020. Where she talks about what will happen if we win this war, but why its important that we win. 

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Area Lockdown Uk Phase 2 Nets Tightening Buckle Up People

Area Lockdown officially started in parts of the UK. These areas will now remain on lock with no measures to ease them. Now the rest of UK will be done in sections

Rituals In The Devils Playground There Are No Idols

Awakened Light great awakening talking about rituals and sacrifices one has to make when they want the lime light. All that glitter, might just be an illusion?

People Do Not Care Until It Effects Them, The Storms Coming

Most people do not care unless something directly effects them. Only because of the vaccinations have they woken up or they would still be sleeping, none of the wiser as to the beast at their door.

Go Get Your Family Whilst You Still can Area Lockdown Coming

As martial law gets closer to the streets of Britain, could now be the time to go and get your family? As the second waves approaches, before its to late and you are on Area Lockdown  

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Why Burning Tower & Signing Petitions Wont Stop 5G

A wake up call to the people running around burning towers and signing petitions. You are not stopping anything this is how we win and get them all taken down

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Visit Powerful Mind The 144 Connect With A/L Natalie

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Welcome To The New World Order Awakened Light Live

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The Great Awakening Is Here Awakened Light Full Live

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We Are One Unless You Are The 1% Awakened Light Full Live

Awakened Light Live On Facebook 16/10/2020 CONNECT ON BITCHUTE

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They Are Taking Your Jobs Away And You Helping Them?

By telling people to go online your are helping them sack you wake up. 

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Queen Jumped Ship Months Ago Magna Carta

Queen jumped ship months ago, abandoning ship following very strange footage of her hands all bruised. 

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Humanity Is Lost Attached To The Garments

Humanity is lost you are all to attached to your lifestyle and garment. The book warns you of this.

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If Boris Stands Down Plan Will Still Continue 100%

Dont get to excited when Boris stands down. The plan to enforce the New World Order will still continue. You will just be given a new face to carry out the masters bidding.

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Should You Prepare For Whats Coming or Not?

To prepare or not to prepare that is the question so many ask. The rules have changed so preperation might not be gaurenteed. With laws that have been passed. 

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