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Waking Up In The Matrix Introduction Video

No longer a conspiracy the New World Order is here and almost complete. Within months this will become the Archon’s reality if humanity chooses to stay asleep. 

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What The Health Mind Blowing Documentary Must See

The health impact of meat and dairy products consumption. Questioning the practices of the leading health and pharmaceutical organizations. Mind Blowing 
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Out of The Shadows Waking Up To The Real Reality

A documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content

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What The Dairy Industry Wants To Keep A Secret

Dr. Neal Barnard’s full one hour talk on cheese, milk and the many reasons you want to break the dairy addiction. Must watch

Racism Is Taught Kids Are Innocent, Time For Change

Conducting a test on children, seeing what their views are on color? The answers they give will shock you, this is really bad

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Boris Johnson Warning About 5G Technology Shocking

A wake up call of a warning comes from Boris Johnson, probably the most educated thing he has said since being in office.

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Martial Law Is Coming Under The WHO & Laws Are Being Passed

When laws are passed without our knowledge you have to ask yourself the question? What are they hiding and what is it they don’t want us to know until its to late?

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Mark Steel Weapons Expert Breaking Cover

Breaking cover to talk about the dangers of 5G technology and how it can be dangerous to our health. The man who brought awareness to the UK 

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Entrapped In the Matrix Breaking Free From The Box

Waking up in the matrix coming to the full understanding. Everything we though we knew was a lie we have been tricked.

The World Is Not What You Think Its Crazy Part 2

Part 2 of The World Is Not What You Think. Hidden crackers to help you on your journey of truth.

We Are Family Royal Reptilian Bloodlines United Kingdom

They NEVER marry outside of the blood this is never done under no circumstances. They keep the blood pure and believe it to be sacred. Image Source 

No One Gets A Pass In Hollywood They All Do The Rituals

They all have to do the rituals, no one gets a pass. They celebrities you think you know are completely different people. They do some dodgy stuff to stay on top

Cardi B Speaks Out Against Dark Hollywood Clip

Artist Cardi B speaks out about the dark side of Hollywood. She says that it is rougher than the street, you need to watch yourself Full Video Link

Reset of A World Slaves or Freemen Time To Choose

David Icke, the final battle for man, against a full human take over. Mind body and soul a complete takedown of the HU-MAN

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The Brainwashing Program How To Brainwash Public

How to program a population during the covid. By using simple tactics and methods all can follow without question. 

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Hidden Black History Hidden From You Wake Up Time

If you do not know your real history then you can be tricked into believing what they tell you. Welcome to an age of knowing, humanity been sleeping to long 

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Why Burning Towers & Signing Petitions

The system is rigged a video explaining why petitions and burning G5 towers is not the answer and why the plan is bigger than people think or know about.  

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Androgynous Being Where Does It Come From?

Many tales but whats the truth? where doe the androgynous being come from and why is it in religion. Is it a good or bad thing

Garden of Eden The Holy Spirit and The Serpent Decoded

Showing you behind the cloak the true meaning behind the oldest tale. Occult knowledge decoded. 

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The Final Chapter Is Approaching Agendas 20 and 30

The Great Awakening is Picking Up Pace and The Final Chapter of the Book is soon to be here… But are the people ready for whats coming? Links

Hidden In The Money Signs and Symbolism Tells A Story

Hidden within all the money that runs through the 52 common wealth countries. There are hidden messages and clues for those who see the references 

Angelina Speaks Out In Secret Video About joining the Illuminati

Angelina Jolie talking rituals and sacrifices. What it takes to join the Illuminati and what she had to go through. Including killing a snake Full video link 

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Important Message To The People of The World Listen UP

Law legislations treason and more are we really aware of whats going on whilst we sit at home watching the mainstream media. Or is there something sinister going on it the background?

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Freemasonry The Real Q is Quetzalcotal The Feathered Serpent

The charmer the deceiver to giver the taker. This is Quetzalcotal the leader of the dark energy within this realm. Known by many names depending on your programming and belief systems.  

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Business Uses Magna Carta Clause To Stay Open Know Your Rights

When a business man running a soft play center is asked to close. He stand in his rights under the magna carta to remain open. 

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The 9 Basic Layers To The Reality You Live In Unaware

Exposing the 9 basic layers of this matrix reality system. Showing people this is all a fine art of manipulation within the grid. 

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An Unseen Reality You Have No Idea

PART 2 + 1 higher learning for those wanting more information from the previous video. Stepping outside the box is a scary thing for most! It feels like where have I been all this time? Now that I see it, it is so CLEAR! The Awakening is clearly upon us and allot of things are being uncovered. Whilst people have been on lockdown the have tuned away from the normal things they would watch and do and have started to question allot of things about the world in which they live in and thought was normal !! WELCOME TO THE GREAT AWAKENING …. A TIME OF GREAT CHANGE IS UPON THE EARTH

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