EQ Cultivation Using Mindfulness

EQ Cultivation How To Use Mindfulness As A Tool To make Big Changes In Your Life. Your Mind is Like A Computer Feed It The Right Information & It Will Rewire Itself.

eq cultivation

By Natalie Mantle - Meditation For Freedom

Using Mindfulness as a Tool to Cultivate EQ, Many people assume that emotional intelligence is a trait that can’t be cultivated. In reality, it’s a skill that should constantly be developed throughout our lifetime.

As our EQ improves, so does a whole host of other aspects of our lives, bringing success and happiness.
But, how exactly do we develop a complex attribute such as EQ?

One method to do this is mindfulness. You’ve no doubt heard of mindfulness since it’s been in the news and media a great deal in the last couple of years. 


eq cultivation

What Is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the act of paying attention, on purpose, to what is happening in this moment. Paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations so that you are truly experiencing your life.

Most of us go through life thinking about the past, often regretting things, or worrying about the future. Because emotional intelligence requires, first and foremost, self-awareness, mindfulness is the perfect
modality for boosting our EQ.

How Mindfulness Developes Our EQ

Mindfulness allows us to become more self-aware, which is part of the foundation of emotional intelligence. Once we advance our emotional awareness, we can develop emotional application and management more easily.

Mindfulness helps develop EQ by:
• Improving our ability to recognize our own emotions
• Helping us learn how to distinguish the emotions of other people in our environment
• Strengthening our ability to work with our emotions, even the difficult ones, such as anger.
• Helps us begin to respond to situations rather than react or overreact.

Applying Mindfulness

eq cultivation

Applying Mindfulness Putting it into Practice

Let’s say you are angry after a business call at the office, but it’s a day where you need to complete important tasks. Of course, if anger is clouding your mind. Then you aren’t going to be at your most productive.

However, you can choose to pause and take stock of your emotions. Feel them in your body and allow them to be there instead of fighting them. Within a short period of time, you’ll notice them dissipate. Once you’ve
recognized them for what they are, which are just feelings, you can bring your mind back to the task at hand.

You only need a few moments to  complete this exercise.

What Is The Reason behind This?


The reason emotions get so overwhelming is that we try to push them away. Once we acknowledge them, they have less power, so we can get back to this moment and tackle the work in front of us.

Each time we use mindfulness as a tool to reconnect with ourselves, we develop our EQ. Focusing on being in the present helps us learn to recognize and manage our emotions effectively through mindful thoughts and actions.

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