great awakening videos 2020 banned

Welcome to the page seeker of truth and wisdom, here you will be able to watch videos that are being blocked during this time of change on the earth. 

great awakening videos 2020 banned


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British History In The Making London's Largest Ever Protest - David Ickes powerful Speech In Full (BANNED ON YOUTUBE)

History in the making for Britain’s and many across the world. London’s largest ever protest in history, the protest was against lockdown, forced vaccinations, Rfid Chipping, no masks, no more damage or harm to be caused to child. 

Why Petitions & Protest Don't Work, Change Your Moves

Sometime you have to cross the road and do things different, as the old way and methods no longer serve you. Petitions, Protest and court rooms don’t work, because we do not understand our rights.

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Power and Control is what they live for, it why they choose to stay and rein over us. Educated to the level of 360, because they have been around a long time.

Can You Really Trust TRUMP?

Is Trump really helping to save the children and take down the power structure? Or are we being tricked yet again in this matrix of control?

The World Is Not What You Think

The world is not what you think or have been led to believe. Everything you have been told has be twisted its all lies. Why to keep you in bondage. 

Contact & Trace or No Shopping

A woman doing a peaceful protest showing public they have rights, is arrested. KID IN HER ARMS – This is very hard to watch as the child is roughly removed from her. 

Buy A Clone For Less Than 50k

8 Years ago you could buy this human like robot or clone if you want to call it that for 50k. Imagine what they have now, the elite got better toys, if they are giving the laymen these! 

Elon Gates Barrack Clinton & More Charged 2020 CAH

They are being taken down for their crimes against humanity. But the New World Order still at play as these are the faces. We are yet to see behind the real masks of the controllers 

You Have Power MAGNA CARTA Rise Up & Learn

The time has come for humanity to start paying attention, you are between a rock and a hard place. Your rights are being taken away left right and center! It time to start paying attention.

Gold Oil Drugs GOD = PAC

Maintaining power and keeping control using the biggest tools. The world is not what we think not at all forget everything they told you and start to think 

Grey State Was Not For Public

Sometimes the movies might just show us a little to much. Allowing it to be easily decoded. That’s is why this movie never made the cut.

US Police Officer Speaking Out

As US police officer speaks out against the new world order. Urging other police officers to speak up, against this tyranny and global take down.  

UK to Be Shut Down 22 June 2021?

Will Britain be shut down on the 22nd July 2020, under the Magna Carta? Papers have been served, but they were not accepted leaving the ball in the publics court. 

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Have They All Been Killed?

Have they really been killed for their crimes against humanity? Information in this video will be hard for some if they haven’t leveled up to cloning and humanoids. They are in for a shock

Elite Taken To Court Charge Sheet Evidence Proof

No Fake Posts Proof Click Link Below To View Full Document From Official Government Website 

Food Is Running Out But They Wont Tell You

There is a world wide food shortage coming by design. As part of the New World Order, but they wont tell you.

The Face Mask Confusion Vernon Coleman

The face mask, wear one, do not wear one. What should we believe, are they dangerous and is there really a virus

You Should of Had A Choice About The Covid-19 Trace App

People should of had a choice, why was the app put on people phones without their consent? How To Remove The App From your Android Phone 

Technology And The Promise G5

Nothing is ever as it is portrayed! Welcome to the great awakening the pill everyone wants but most have trouble digesting

Are The BBC The Real Fake News? 322 Skull & Bones

Are we paying to be lied to, or are the mainstream media really telling us the truth?

The Mandatory Face Masks Is Control

The biggest hoax in history, creating fear and panic. So that the can hide genocide. New World Order Is Here 

What is QAnon What Does It Mean? Answered

What is QAnon, is it a person or organization? Or could it be something completely different? Corey Goode answers those questions  

Dangers of G5 Tech No Testing

The dangers of this new technology is being hidden. Research is key in this great awakening. Martial law is coming

When You Start Waking Up Everything Changes Its Crazy

The world you thought you knew is something completely different. Once you have woken up and seen it for what it is, you cannot go back to sleep

SOS Sweden In Trouble Second Wave Left To Die

An SOS call from Sweden, the people are starting to get cell poisoning. Hospitals are starting to fill up.

Programmed Through Sodomy To Open The Pineal Gland

The dark side to high end occultism and ancient practices. Satan’s Sex the seat to enlightenment the flip side to the pineal gland. Dark  awakening 

Agartha The Hidden World Within Ours Awakening

In the final days the people of the upper world will awaken. To all the lies that they have been told 

Hospitals Empty Whats Going On?

An american citizen takes it upon himself to go to one of the biggest hospitals in America to see how bad the covid virus is. But what he finds will shock you! 

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What They Have In Store For You

Technology has allot more in store for you, than you think. We are moving very fast into the New World Order. But will the people wake up in time?

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The Bearer of The Light Explained

Prodigy talk about the Illuminati and the meaning behind the hidden hand. 

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We All Matter You ARE The People

We are being divided by anything they can divide us by. We must not fall for it 

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Dark Hollywood Part 2 Full Video

The dark side to Hollywood, the unseen the hidden. Has come into the light of the public arena  

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Hook Line and Sinker NWO

Order out of Chaos is what is being created. But how will it all end will the people rise up?

School Is Dangerous 2 Agendas

Should you send your children back to school? This is a decision allot of parents are faced with but there are many factors at play.  

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Preparing For Another Lockdown

As we move towards more lockdowns and restrictions. What can the British people expect in the next few months and the pandemic sweeps the globe 

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The Last War For Mankind Is Here The Year 2012 2020

The final battle for US the time has come we are at the gates of change. Be it good or bad what choices will you make, your future depends on it. 

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Kill all The Black & Asians First A21 A30 Nigeria Took The Deal

The depopulation plan, blacks and asians first then the rest of the population. To be reduced to grid capacity by 2025 to include all loose ends connnected by 2030 


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