The New World Order Great Awakening 2020 Is Knocking!


At The Gates Running Out Of Time Introduction Video

No longer a conspiracy the New World Order is here and almost complete. Within months this will become the Archon’s reality if humanity chooses to stay asleep. 

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People Are Waking Up Laws Are Changing

More and more of our freedom is being taken away. But the people are so distracted they think its for their safety. Click image to view full screen 

No More NHS It Will Become Privatized End of Year

1st UK Doctor to speak out against what is going on at the moment. As we tip toe, towards a New World Order and total loss of privacy human rights and freedom

Your Prison That Has Been Presented To You Covid19

The open prison that has been presented to you. How you put a world on house arrest, with no reason other than it was all planned. 

Message To The World From Sheffield United Kingdom

This has not been a lockdown., this has been house arrest. A the people of the United Kingdom start to realize that something is really wrong. With what they being told

What You Gonna Do David Ickes Wake Up Call To The Masses

The most powerful video to air since the beginning of the final stages of the New World Order. Its time for the public to decide what they gonna do, its not longer a theory they lied.  The NWO Is real 

Barrie Trowers Talks Stealth Weapons G3 / G4 / G5

There is allot of talk surrounding the implications of new technology on the human body. A royal navy weapons expert airs his concerns regarding wifi technology 

Things Have To Change Your Being Robbed The Money Scam

Looking at the system of money and how we have become so dependent on it, it has made us slaves. Strangled by debt and worry trying to keep up with life.

Land of Satan Fall of America Revelations and A.I Soldiers

A chilling message about the coming events. The evil which they will release upon the earth in the final attack. The world is being changed its been 100 years

Agenda 2030 A New World Keeping Some Cities As Museums

The world as you know it, is on the brink of a major change. Its due a total reconstruction of what was once known

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Aliens Blue Beam Project Awaken, Your Mind To The Illusion

Blue beam project is not going to be a popcorn event! Things going to get crazy, with all that nano tech in your systems. This will be the greatest show ever pulled on the masses. Bird box was a warm up 

Mark of The Beast Rfid Chip Nano Technology Is Here

A video from a post that was written back in 2016. Warning people of the global power structure that wanted to tag humanity with technology. 

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Its All Satanic From The Top To The Bottom

Its all corrupt from top to bottom, there are no idols its an illuision. You have been hoodwinked by those running the show into submission. 

Lord Sumption Waking Up The UK To Whats Happening

What did Lord Sumption say that rattled the cages of those in power? Could he be seeing straight through the pack of lies we being sold? Click image above to watch 

Reptilian Humanoids Live Here They Are Everywhere

We only notice the celebrity ones as all eyes are on them. But the truth is one could be living in your street undetected. Truth sets us free 

The Truth Movement Not For Everyone Higher Consciousness

The great awakening is here but the truth movement is of higher consciousness. Everyone  will not understand the message in this video, they might need to level up learning a bit more first.

The Archon's Wont Leave Treats If They Lose This War NWO

Total control over the human population is what they want. So if humanity wakes up and stops this new world order. Human chipping etc where does that leave us in the devils playground?

You Have To Save Your Self And Start To Questions Everything

The time for spoon feeding is over, you can no longer rely on what you are being told. You have to start questioning things even if its comes from official source. 

Depopulation UK by 2025 New World Order

Documents revealing the culling of the population in the United Kingdom by over 75%. Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction. Time we woke up to whats going on 

This Will All Be Over In The Year 2025. But Will You Be Here?

With age comes wisdom for some. Max Igan founder of the Crow House is a man who knows what hes talking about. Time for you to listen up 

Death of Ego Rebirth of Self The Greatest Awakening

The death of what you though you was and the rebirth of what you really are. Which is infinite consciousness and awareness

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Mark of The Beast Will Come To Your Country Its Not A Joke

There is a dark side to Hollywood and fame that most people are not aware of. There is allot more to it than just singing songs and acting. Welcome to the dark side of rituals and secrets 

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Britain You Really Have No Idea Whats Is Coming

Life will never be the same in the UK the people really have no idea what is round the corner and awaits them. Stage 4 Lockdown will soon be here prepare yourself

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Australia What The Fuck Is Going On In Your Country?

Sacha Stone, brings a bitter and harsh wake up call to the Australians who right now have nothing to lose in this draconian takeover. 

Rise of The Reptilian Humanoids

As the level of consciousness rises more and more people are starting to see through the illusion.  But do reptilian shapeshifter really exist. Or are we letting our minds play tricks with us in a world of misinformation?

Connecting Your Mind To The Cloud

Connecting your ⁣neocortex to the singularity cloud. The neocortex, also called the neopallium, isocortex, or the six-layered cortex, is a set of layers of the mammalian cerebral cortex involved in higher-order brain

All This Control Is About Your Safety!

More and more rights are being taken away from people during this event 201. We are having our freedoms and rights taken away in the name of safety? But is it really or is there a hidden agenda like chipping humans. CREDITS 

Take Your Time Leveling Up

Stepping outside the box is a scary thing for most! It feels like where have I been all this time? Now that I see it, it is so CLEAR! 

The Awakening is clearly upon us and allot of things are being uncovered. Whilst people have been on lockdown the have tuned away from the normal things they would watch and do and have started to question allot of things about the world in which they live in and thought was normal!



The Power Is With YOU The People Check Back Daily For More Videos

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