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Truth About RH Negative Blood

Truth About RH Negative Blood What The Importance of The Letters Before The RH Type Are. People Talk About The 13 Bloodlines But Are Still In The Dark As To It True Origin.

rh negative blood

By Natalie Mantle - Meditation For Freedom

Bloodlines blood types whats its all about ? As more people become aware of things due to the rise in the collective consciousness. Allot of people are still very much in the dark, when it comes to understanding bloodtypes.

They hold great importance in the foundation world of which we reside in. So much so that there is much talk about the 13 bloodlines yet… Everything I read i see people as still very much clueless to it all!

This is why after much consideration I decided to explain it in a way that links back to source of your human existenece. 

Bloodlines Holy Grail Origins

RH Negative Blood true facts

Know Who You Are 

For many of us unless we have an accident or need a blood transfusion we are in the dark as to what blood type we are. Do you know your blood type ? The blood that runs through your vessel carries your life force. A direct link back to your ancestors and beyond that.

O Rh D Negative Blood 

This is a very ancient bloodlines one of the oldest known to man. These bloodlines we have come to know have been here from the beginning. Known as the Spiritual Royal Bloodlines this truth has been hidden and only taught to few but now all is coming to the surface. 

But before I continue with the bloodlines let me give you some hidden history so all will become clear later.

The Supressed Power of Women To Keep The Secret Hidden

Truth About RH Negative Blood
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Gods & Goddesses 

The truth has always been there for those with the eye to see past the images and writtings. There once was a highly advance civillization on the earth some now know it as Atlantis in the north pole under the ice. 

Known as the redheaded gods and goddesses of ledgend ( the architects within SS ) there is allot of information that has now  come to the surface about them. Not new information just people now see more than they did due to an increase in information. 

Living on earth practicing the 7 virtues within everything that they did, men and women working together. Creating a beautiful highly advanced civillization Atlantis, with no need for war because man was not tainted and earths occupants resided in the higher realms of mind, An eden if you had to describe it a place of happiness and no bad thoughts or intention a heaven on earth. 

NOTE: It is important to remember that these architects were after Elohim known by many other names. Yah / God / Jahovah and more it all depends on where you live in the world the story has the same roots but is told differently.  For more information on this click here 

Mixing DNA Humanoids

Some people say that they were an exterrestrial race, but in truth they just developed their faculties quicker therfore they advanced on a level that could not be matched. At this time there were other primative humanoids on the earth who were not really evolving and were not very intelligent. 

So the gods and goddesses of altantis decided to create a new race with their genes mixed with the genes of the primative humans, having being highly advanced the Gods knew about dna and gene manipluation. A human was created half God half Primative Being Blood Type O RH Negative, this was the dawn of the modern human. ( Lighter skin tones / eye coloring modification ) All this reduced the melanin in the humans but they seamed to adapt to the rays from the sun, the architects were very pleased. 

Liking their creations so much ( the humans ) ! That this was the start of their destuction as all desire leads to misery. They took their new creations for wives as told in western bibleology ( enoch ).

The human creations were allot smaller than the Gods, this caused a problem when the womem had to give birth they bore giants. This is also documented in plain and hidden sight as they left allot of evidence of their existence here most of which though has been covered up.

Only in the wake of the book of enoch coming to light as it was taken out of text that more people have become aware of this.

Not All of The Architects Supported The Creation of The New Humans

Truth About RH Negative Blood


Not all the Gods / Architects were in agreement with the creation of the new human because they looked upon it as an interference with the true nature of being. As man was no longer HUE but humans they had crossed the boundaries the forbidden knowledge that had got them to this point. An order was passed that all the “humans” should be killed so that they could not breed and create more life. 

This is where the story of the great flood comes in which most people are aware of but under a different story. The story of Noah perhaps avoiding the great flood, that swept the earth? 

When the flood hit the earth it wiped out most of the mixed humans, however some were able to escape the floods. Hiding and seeking refuge underground in caverns. In the aftermath the Architects returned, to watch over the humans watching them evolve and flourish. Teaching them spiritual practices and rituals so that one day they to could raise their consciousness and evolve like the architects. 

The Suppression of Women & The Creation of A Man Made Religion

The architect taught their creations the humans many things sacred and unsacred :

  • How to grow crops 
  • Astrology / Quantum Entanglement 
  • Animal Communication / Spirit Communication 
  • Spirituality / Levitation / Magick Apparitions and Auras
  • Clairvoyance / Clairsentience / Portal Creation 
  • Telepathy / Telekinesis

But amongst some of the most important things that they were that :

  • A womens body is in tune with the moon, this has a effect on everything on earth. Her menstral blood can be used as sacrifice to the Gods when performing rituals and magic no blood on earth can match that of a womens. All blood used by way of killing or of harming another person or yourself can only only be used for dark magic which always comes at a price.  
  • All calenders are based on a lunar calender which has 13 months in a year ( not 12 like we have been told and currently run off today ). When working with the Lunar ancient calender you will find you will have : 13 perfect moons / 28 days in each month and 1 day out of time 
Truth About RH Negative Blood
The Real Calender

This power that women had caused jelousy within the tribes of man, man rebelled and started a take over. No longer wanting the teachings from the architects and started to reject them.  They started wars with other tribes as to steal the knowledge and destroy the truth. Women were suppressed and any forms of higher learning and spirituality they could not control or maniplulate.

Hidden Knowledge Blue Bloods

Truth About RH Negative Blood

After the supression of women and their powers, a new religion was created that focussed soley on one GOD The SUN not ( son ) the true meaning is male energy. This is also shown all over the world the serpent snakes the caduceus it represnts the male and female energy when working together. This is where the word the tail of satan comes from because the serpent fell not liturally but meaning man from once being a devine being of all things good. 

Males within the camps started to rebel they did not like the power that the women possessed they started wars, they no longer wanted the teachings from the spiritual Gods / architects and rejected them casting them out.  Working hard to destroy all of the knowledge and history by starting wars with other camps also like a destruction through the earth. They changed the architects calenders to 12 months instead of 13. It was around this time the number 13 was branded an evil number by those who supressed the truth. 

At the time all this was going on , on the earth the humans and the architects had become similar in size, due to deaths and rebirths. The architects however were still larger when it came to hip size and bone size but were losing power in the earthly realm living amoung the people. 

Mary Magdalene and Jesus

The royal spiritual bloodline of the Gods / Architects, the blue bloods they went into hiding and this is were the story of Jesus and Mary comes from. They were Blue Bloods. Both had the red hair and very pale skin and carried the blood type O Rh D Negative Blood.

Mary Magdalene was the real teacher of the knowledge Jesus was her partner. They were part of a secret order that taught the truth about man which is passed down secretly to its memebers.  

By this time it was not allowed for women to be spiritual teachers in this new society. Jesus took the credit for Magdalene’s work. They were hated for trying to free people from the Dogma that they had been manipulated and programmed to believe. 

They Escaped To Europe & Other Lands Across The Continenet

Truth About RH Negative Blood

Jesus and Mary escaped to the south of France, it is here they started a family. The people there looked upon them as the spiritual leaders that they were. Keeping them safe for many generations. 

The family through the generations spread accross the world but it is known that in Spainish Royal Family they have this bloodline ( Blue Blood ) As do allot of the other Royal Families. The other families that moved to the UK and Ireland were known as Picts. The Picts are often said to have practised matrilineal kingship succession to keep the Blood pure. They created the Kings and Queens of Ireland and Scotland and carried and taught the truth passed down to them through secrets ceremonies . 

The stories told in the bible of Jesus dying on the cross and many other interpretations are ALL a metaphor. Behind the cloak what it means is the SUN and the 4 seasons divided by a cross, death and rebirth. 

RH Negative Blood true facts

RH Negative Blood How To Know If You Are A Pict

So how can you tell if you have Pict blood and are related to the ancestors? You will carry pict blood if you :

Y DNA – Haplo  groups J & I

MTDNA – Haplo groups H & J

If you are a Blue Blood you will have the RED hair gene the more REDDER the Hair The more of the gene you have. This is why red / ginger hair has been programmed into the minds of people so that they can look upon it as bad evil horrid. 

In other parts of the world outside of the western worlds where people are more intune with spiritualty. People with red hair have been killed, due to the ability to preform magic and things that cannot be explained. 

The True Spiritual Royalities Were Removed To Suppressed The Knowledge

Over time the true spiritual Kings & Queens of Royalty were killed or cast out and replaced, so that the secret would never get out. This way mankind could remain in a state of continuos sleep not knowing about life and death instead live in fear of both and remain in bondage. 

Bloodline families can be traced right back to Ramesses II The RED Haired King, also known as Ramesses the Great, was the third pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt. He is often regarded as the greatest, most celebrated, and most powerful pharaoh of the New Kingdom.

Now you have a bit of a background i will give the breakdowns of the RH blood Types Below in the next section. 


RH Negative Bloodline - The Blood Types Are As Follows

rh negative blood true facts

The term Architect is after Elohim and is who created the new Human. 

  • O RH Negative – Pure Blue Blood of The Gods This Blood Is VERY RARE ! 
  • O RH  Positive – Mixed Architect and Humans this is the most common blood of most humans. If you have this blood your gene would have been amoung the first human mixes.
  • A RH Negative – Architect and Human Type 1 Very Rare 
  • A RH Positive –  Human Type 1 This Blood Type Is Common 
  • B RH Negative – Architect and Human Very Rare
  • B RH Positive – Human Type 2 later models Very Common 
  • AB RH Negative – Architects & Human Type 1 & 2 Very Rare
  • AB RH Positive – Mixed Humans Types 1 & 2 Very Rare

Thanks for taking the time to read this i would love to hear your comments so if you have a comment you would like to leave please do so. 

(NOTE THIS BLOG IS NOT ABOUT THE HUE ( his blood is more powerful than all of them why? because he was placed here and given dominion over all humanoids this is why they made him the BEAST 666 – and a rebellion against blacks began to supress the knowledge)

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