Inner Confidence Hypnotherapy Session 

Inner confidence hypnotherapy session, personal development audio. There is no mystery about how to use this tool. It’s just that most of us are denied the right to know about how to use it for our own good, while the same “powers that be” are using it to delude, mislead, and control us.

So we will focus on the good uses, the positive application of the hypnotic process to produce healing, wellness, and optimal performance. Hypnosis is widely used by physicians and psychologists in the treatment of physical, emotional, mental, and behavioral dysfunctions.

Hypnosis is a process using a particular collection of tools and skills that:

  • Enable a person to move in and out of various states of consciousness.
  • Will enable the user to guide awareness (the conscious mind).
  • Can be used to enhance or diminish certain patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving, believing, or relating.
  • May affect behavior of the cells of the body
  • The emotional state, the thoughts and images in the mind, and the belief system.
  • Used properly, can facilitate healing and wholeness at every level of system


Inner Confidence Hypnotherapy Series

Inner Confidence Hypnotherapy Series

Running Time :19:00

1 x Confidence hypnotherapy session personal development guided hypnosis.

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