Aioasca Instant Awakener Enlightenment Or Is It?

Aioasca Instant Awakener Enlightenment Fact or Fiction. Finding Out What This Magical Potion Is and How It Can Help Anyone In All Walks of Life. Not Just Those In Search of Spiritual Enlightenment. 

Ayahuasca Instant Awake

By Natalie Mantle - Meditation For Freedom

Around the awakened community there is allot of talk about Aioasca and its magical properties. But what exactly is Aioasca and why should you be bothered about it?

Aioasca is a translation from the Quechua language of the North Andes as “soul vine” or “vine of the dead”. It is traditionally consumed by indigenous communities such as the Aruák, Chocó, Jívaro, Pano, and Tukano. Including and not forgetting Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Its only now the western worlds are learning about it!

Today I am going to talk about this ancient herb which will hopefully give those wishing to try it a better understanding about what it really does. Should you try it and and what will you gain from the whole experience.

What Is Aioasca?


Known by many names such as Ayaguasca or Aioasca, from Quechua Ayawaska, or yagé. It is an entheogenic brew made out of Banisteriopsis caapi vine and other ingredients. The brew was used as a traditional spiritual medicine among the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. Also as a way to connect to higher realms of consciousness beyond what we see. 

This way the sharman of the village could guide and help his people. Through the knowledge and wisdom he/she received from the plant brew. 

However both brews are very different as i will explain below.

Aioasca is usually prepared leaving the bark on the vine and is only slightly rasped and beated. Like this the vine will be boiled, thereby leaving more tannins in the brew and gaining a more powerful purgative effect. Which can sometimes cause the participant to vomit. 

Where as Yagé is prepared by beating off all the bark and leaving only the woody bone of the vine to be boiled. Consequently these brews have far less tannins, making it more easier to digest and remain in the system.

You Cannot Just Have Aioasca Without Preperation

One cannot simply try  Aioasca without the proper preperation, you have to prepare your body. As your body is going to undergo something it never has before unless you have experienced a near death experience? Then you might be close.

YAGE, before drinking yagé a person must consume the yagé leaf emetic, which will balance your body’s pH level. This is an important part of the process. You will then have to wait a few days, this will allow the pH levels in your body to balance, now you are ready to take the brew. 

AIOASCA, before consuming this plant in a brew its important that you clear your body of toxins. All processed and animal related products have to be removed from your system for a better experience. You have to remember this is not a western substance and are bodies are toxic compare to that of the indiginous people who live of the land. 

Aioasca Instant Awakener Enlightenment How It Works With Your Body

The plants contain a large amount of DMT, which is something that is naturally produced by our brains. We produce it in small amounts when we are asleep and in the dream state and in large amounts when we are born and extreamly large amounts when we die.

The vine of the plant has an monoamine oxidas inhibitor which allows the active compounds of the plant to travel through our stomachs and enter our blood stream.

Once this chemically changed blood reaches the brain the crown chakra, it causes the pineal gland the third eye to open and activate.

The psychotropic effects of the drink are caused by three beta-carboline alkaloids being:

  1. Harmine
  2. Harmoline
  3. Tetrahydroharmine

This is how you are able to communicate with celestial supernatural forces or the spirits of the nature and beyond. Aswell as overcoming fears, stagnations,illnesses, addictions amoungst other things. 

In its most common form, ayahuasca is a strong smelling brown liquid with a tannin bitter taste. This will depend on the age, quality, and type of plants used. The psychoactive potency of Aioasca differs depending on the environmental conditions in which it is grown.

The size of dose and frequency of consumption will vary, depending upon a person, everyone is different depending on how much detoxing you have done.

Aioasca Instant Awakener Enlightenment What Does It Do To You?

Aioasca Instant Awakener Enlightenment

The Effects 

A stripping away of your EGO, it will help you to reconnect with your true self and purpose. Understanding that everything is connected and has a cause and effect, you will even feel the effects of your actions up to the present day. This can be very hard for allot of people, as everything you have held in to this day will also arise. Allowing you to feel it on an emotional and observant level of consciousness. 

Its a way of healing yourself from within, going straight without hesitation to the root of the problem the source. Seeing it for what it is and knowing the answer to overcome it, its an emotional journey, be sure of that!

Plants of Knowledge

Most common effects noted, are for the visual imagery it produces, also generating auditory and olfactory sensations. The earliest signs of the drink taking hold of you, tend to be a warming feeling in your stomach followed by a feeling of physical relaxation and mental calmness tranquility.

Depending on the doses you have, smaller doses of  Aioasca produce a mild detachment from one’s body and ones surroundings. Allowing one to feel and see a mental objectification and critical examination of the smallest of details surrounding the persons life, such as feelings and thoughts.

Higher Doses

Higher doses of the plant enhances the visual apprehension of irregular shapes and geometric patterns. Also to include the following:

  1. Distorted and fast flashing images including colors you have never seen
  2. Out-of-body experiences you can be anywhere you wish to be
  3. A distortion of sounds that surround you as you are operating in a different field of consciousness  
  4. Images of spirits and guides including animals
  5. Your ability to smell and taste things will be altered as the Aioasca runs through your body
  6. The chances of you being sick, vomiting is very likely this releases all the negative energy within you.

 It sounds dramatic but this is part of the healing process your body will go through, if you wish to take this plant for enlightenment, clensing and healing of the body. 

What Can It Cure?

Aioasca Instant Awakener Enlightenment

Aioasca Healer of All THINGS

This plant brew has been dubbed the miracle plant and from evidence and experience, I would have to agree. Listed below are some of the things that I know of that Aioasca can eliminate from your life giving you, your freedom back.

  1. Removes Anxiety
  2. Erases Depression
  3. Helps you see your purpose more clearly
  4. Improves your quality of life 
  5. Beats ANY drug addiction that you have
  6. Connects you to your source of creation 
  7. Removes your ego, known as death of ego
  8. Repairs the body from illnesses
  9. Helps you overcome challenges in life 
  10. Allows you the strength to forgive, so that you can live your life
  11. Removes karma

And the list goes on, the research on this is endless now it has come into the western worlds and people are experiencing it for themselves. Aioasca is a personal journey for ones self everyones experience will be different. Even if you do find common ground such as the patterns and geometric shapes etc.

The reason for this is because the journey is about YOU, it one you have to walk alone a journey of self discovery. 

Aioasca Instant Awakener Enlightenment The 4 Levels One Can Experience

When a person decides to take the Aioasca brew, the experience will soley depend on them. If you have issues you wish to deal with focus on them. Or if you have an illlness you wish to cure focus on that, even if you just want to know why you are here! focus on that. 

This is key as what you are focused on will manifest and come to the surface. This is a sacred medicine plant for healing and preparation and thought should be taken. Its not something one should be carefree about.

To my current level of knowledge there are 4 levels one can experience when using Aioasca they are as follows below.

Aioasca Instant Awakener Enlightenment

The Body Journey

This experience is when the body undergoes what some would call a traumatic experience. Known as purging a person will feel the need to go to the bathroom. Or purhaps feel really sick and start vomiting.

On a lighter note some have been known to start dancing, burping and even laughing . Its just your body working with the plant to remove blockages and emotional traumas from the body.

Aioasca Instant Awakener Enlightenment

The Consult Journey

A journey more common with higher conscious people not many people will experience this. Without first cleansing their bodies of all toxins and working beforehand with chakras and mediation.

This journey is where you would see spirits but you would be able to interact with them. Not just be the observer, you will be given wisdom which will help you and others. This is what the sharmans used it for, so they could guide their people.

Aioasca Instant Awakener Enlightenment

The Pinta Journey

Allot of people experience this journey as its commonly connected to seeing geometric patterns, signs and symbols and colorful imagery.

You will see many things such as spirits past family members even future and past events. It all depends on your state of mind before the journey.

Hence why its important to be prepared.

Aioasca Instant Awakener Enlightenment

The Silent Journey Nada

Known as the silent journey, this is a journey were a person will drink the Aioasca . But appear to experience nothing!

As the person will just sleep, however when they awake they have been know to feel an overwealming feeling of calmness. The ancients believe that this happens because the bodies dna lineage needed allot of repair undoing past karmas and trauma.

Where Can I Try This Aioasca?

Aioasca Instant Awakener Enlightenment

Finding an Aioasca retreat

Find a Aioasca retreat near you that are reputable click highlighted link AIOASCA RETREATS.

Its worth highlighting that,  DMT is a proscribed substance in various parts of the world; for example it is categorised as a “Class A” drug in the UK and a Schedule one drug under UN conventions. Because they cannot allow you to see the truth, this plant and counterpart street DMT could be dangerous for the whole system of control. The system says medicine makes you better not plants, this is because you cannot patient a plant and make money. And if it cures you first time as it has been proven, then there is no repeat business. 

Aioasca is frequently subject to many of the SAME restrictions and sanctions as narcotics such as heroin and cocaine. Nevertheless, the powerful forces of globalisation are spreading Aioasca consumption beyond its traditional geographical heartlands and this, in turn, is resulting in the legalisation or decriminalisation of ritual use. In a growing number of countries incuding

  1. Holland
  2. Italy
  3. Spain
  4. United States

Aioasca is a psychoactive substance to be used with care and, like other psychotropics, should not be consumed by individuals without proper due care and attention. It is important to have the right mindset when taking this substance or your journey will not be so enlightening.

Aioasca Instant Awakener Enlightenment The Experinence of Others Who Tried It

The First Time Trying Aioasca At A Retreat. He was able to heal from much of the anxiety and depression.

That he was carrying for several decades of his life and now has the tools to move forward in life with more ease

Shameen Miller, travelled to Faro, Portugal to do her first Aioasca ceremony. 

Her experience was nothing that she ever expected, or even heard about from others.

OneLife In June 2019  traveled to the Amazonian rain forest in Peru to try Aioasca for the first time.

This is his amazing journey and story as he entered the unknown. 

Christina Morehead spent a week in Costa Rica at Soltara Healing Center. She drank the brew three times.

Here is a recap of my 2nd ceremony which gave her a Surprize she coule never imagine.

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