Candle Magic Explained How To

Candle Magic Explained, Understanding What CM Is. The Steps You Should Take Before and After Performing Your Candle Rituals and What Types of Oils and Herbs One Should Use 


By Natalie Mantle - Meditation For Freedom

Today I am going to talk about candle magic(k) what it is and how to do it. I decided to write this post before i finished the last part of My Sequel Garden of Eden, if you have not read it, check it out it’s a good read.

The reason I am writing this post first is because I have had allot of request on this subject people wanting more information. To the people I have spoken to there seams to be allot of confusion so today I will resolve the myths Starting Below.

Candle Colours & Their Frequencies

Candle Magic Explained

Candles & Their Colours For Magic (k ) 

One of the most popular questions I get asked is does it matter what candle I use ? The answer to this question would be yes !. As you are aware all candles well most candles start of white before colourants etc have been added. But its the final colour of the candle which is important when preforming candle magick. 

The reason for this is because all colours have a frequency like everything else on the earth. So depending on what you want to attract it would be wise to try and match the frequency.

Candle Magic Explained

Candle Magic Explained Frequencies Vibrations

Below you will find the frequency for each candle colour. The higher the number the lower the frequency band :

  • Dark Red – 7,000 A / 700nm
  • Red – 6,650 A / 650nm
  • Orange – 6,300 A / 630nm
  • Yellow – 6,000 A / 600nm
  • Green – 5,500 A / 550nm
  • Aqua – 4,900 A / 490nm
  • Blue – 4,700 A / 470nm
  • Indigo – 4,250 A / 425nm
  • Violet – 4,000 A / 400nm

Candle Colour Meanings In Occult Terms

All candles work for candle magick , but its important to use the right candles for your desired outcome. Or if your a spiritual warlock for your clients.

  • Red Candles – Use For Assertiveness / Courage / Creativity  / Passionate Love / Romance & Sex 
  • Yellow Candles – Use For Clarity / Happiness / Travel / Persuasiveness & Intelligence 
  • Blue Candles – Use For Healing / Intuition / Astral Work / Loyalty /Spirituality and Peace 
  • Pink Candles – Use For Beauty / Passion / Business Partnerships / Romantic Relationships and Compassion 
  • Orange Candles – Use For Success / Legal Issues / Eloquence  Concerntration and Intellectual Pursuits
  • Black Candles – Use For  Hexes / Absorbing Energy / Breaking Habits & Reversing Things / Protection / Self Defence and Banishing
  • Green Candles – Use For Harmony / Fertility / Growth / Health / Prosperity and Wealth 
  • White Candles – Use For Cleansing / Reflecting Negative Energy / Purification and Truth Also In Some Rituals It Can Be Used As A Muliti Purpose Candle If You Are Missing A Colour
  • Brown Candles – Use For Family / Friends / Animals / Grounding Yourself / Stabability and Abundance
  • Purple Candles – Use For Meditation / Astral Connection / Spiritual Guidance / Channeling  / Higher Self Access and Unlocking Hidden Talents
  • Grey Candles – Use For Lonliness / Removal of Spells / Wisdom and Removing Negative Energies 

Its important to remember when casting a spell the candle has no power without YOU !. It’s YOU casting the spell, your intention and energy is what creates. The candle and its flame, is your point of focus and should be used as a tool of which to focus through. 

Candle Magic Explained Essential Oils In Homemade Candles

mindfulness triggers

Creating Your Own Magick Candles 
As easy as it is to go to your local supermarket and pic up the right colour candle for you. The candle you have bought holds no charge, what do i mean by this. 

If the candle comes ready made it is recommended that you melt down the candle and remake it. This way the candle has your essence and your energy and you are able to add  additional frequencies to the candle by using essential oils and herbs. 

Candle Magic Explained

Most Effective Essential Oils MIxes For Spell Work & Candles

  • Masonic Dragons Blood – Made from a combination of items vanilla real or essence, blood orange essential oil must be oil as has a higher potency and patchouli oil. You could also use female blood instead which is better but that’s for another blog post
  • Money Ginger – Used For Quickening Spells / Protection Spells / Attracting Money and can be used for sex magick
  • Alter Oil / Manifest Candle Rub – Good for use when working with deities Use 3 drops Frankincense / 3 drops Myrrh / 3 drops Cedar oil
  • DMT Astral Travel Alternative – Good for when you want to astral travel or do any sort of remote viewing, or want to watch over or protect someone and for use in sigil work. Use 5 drops Sandalwood oil / 2 drop Ylang-Ylang oil /1 drop Cinnamon oil / 1 drop blood
  • Healing & Wellness – For health spells to release illness rub oils up candle to supress the illness keeping someone sick rub down candle. Use 3 drops Rosemary or fresh rosemary /  2 drops Juniper oil / 2 drop Sandalwood  and 2 1/2 drops eucalyptus oil 

There Are Many More Combinations You Can Try Here's A List of A Few More

  • Love: Gardenia, Jasmine, Muguet, Sandalwood, Musk

  • Changes In Your Life: Sandalwood, Mimosa, Hyacinth, Cinnamon

  • Protection: Frankincense, Sandalwood, Amber

  • Psychic Power: Cedarwood, Myrrh, Violet, Musk, Ambergris

  • Blessing Oil: Myrrh, Cedarwood, Amber
  • Divination: Musk, Ambergris, Vetivert, Violet, Lilac
  • Fast Luck : Patchouli, Carnation, Mimos
  • Gambling: Lily of the Valley, Rose, Sandalwood, Mimosa, Cinnamon
  • Success: Heliotrope, Patchouli, Lavender

    Uncrossing: Rose, Carnation, Bay, Clove

Making Your Candle

Candle Magic Explained

Creating Your Magic Candles 

If you are in a rush and do not have the time to make a candle and your manifesting skills are good. Then you could buy the color you need then create a essential oil and herb mix and just rub it up and down the candle whilst setting your intentions.

However it is important to remember when making your own candles that you take your time and focus. The more energy put into this process will mean less work will be required from you later. 

Magic Candles Explained Let's Cook !

What You Will Need :

  • A candle melting unit or 2 stainless steel pans on to fit inside the other 
  • Candles or Candle 
  • Your Essential Oils / Herbs – These will need to be energized with your intent before hand.
  • Candle Wick 
  • A Jar or Mould 
  • A Gas Supply 

Instructions :

  • Start by boiling the kettle then adding the hot water to the largest pan you have. 
  • Add candle to be melted into smaller pan, then add inside larger pan you have on stove. Wait for the candle wax to melt
  • Use a glass or jar and add 1 candle wick dip the wick in the hot melting candle. To add wax to the based of the wick , now stick the based of wick in the glass or mould you are using.
  • Before pouring melted wax in glass write on glass with marker or stick note your intention. Why  should you do this ?  Words hold vibration also so when the hot candle wax starts to fill glass it will absorbe the words vibrations once candle becomes solid, this will add more energy to the candle ]
  • Now begin by adding about and inch of candle wax a time. then add a sprinkle of the essential oils herbs or blood. Wait 3 minutes and repeat until the jar or mould is full.

Dressing Your Candle For Spell Work

Once candle has become solid, you can then engrave your symbols always adding the infiniity sign as money instead of £ as the lines in money restrict the flow. The infinity symbols is a number 8 on its side.  

Now you will want to use essensial oils, to rub over the candle. If the candle is for you you rub from the top to the bottom this brings the spell inwards. However if you are doing the candle for someone else you rub the oils from the bottom upwards, as this releases the flow to another.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can White Candle Be Used For Any Spells ?

You can use white candles as replacement candles if you are missing a required colour. However it is best to stick to a colour that is in tune with your manifestation eg people use green for money as the color of money is GREEN depending where you live but if you lived in a country where the money was BLUE then you would use that colour . So only use if you cannot obtain the colour you need 

When Is The Best Time To Make A Magic Candle ?

As with any spell work the best time to make spell candles would be when  your vibration is at its highest. Unless you are creating dark spells ans then the best time would be when you are feeling low. The reason for this is because nothing good can be created in a low vibration only destruction. 

Why do I need To Dress My Candle Afterwards ?

It is important to dress your candle afterwards with words and symbols, as well as oils and herbs. As the ingredients pass through your hands adding more intention and vibration sealing it. Also it will show you signs by how the candle burns: For example if you created a MONEY SPELL and the candle burnt out very quickly , this would mean that the money will come but it will go just as fast !

When Burning My Candle Do I Burn It All ?

Depending on the size of your candle there is no need to burn it all at once. As the energy and vibration is sealed so everytime you light the candle it will release more of what you spelled for in a more regular pace. But its important to remember if you do not burn out your candle completely do NOT blow it OUT! smudge it out as you will reverse the spell

That Comes To the End of my Candle Magic Explained Post. Want To Learn More About Magic (K) & Occult Practices Visit the Occult Section Below

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