Choices Life Consciousness

Choices life consciousness, you know, i think while it is true that Unity and duality is in all things.

What the path on the Tree of life/tree of death shows to me, is more of a visual representation about all the very real possibilities and different choices we can make on the journey to the ultimate truth and the crown (we’re not really here).

Choices Life Consciousness

Guest Post By - Darren Law Edio Vision (The Hidden )

The tree of life/death, Its like 3 dimensional mental game of chess in a way.  Reminding me of how a computer program makes choices in a kind of simple interactive neural network (SINN). A type of thinking computer, each part linked to the next, so it can make the correct choice when provided with the correct information, yes or no and the third option N,A,T, (No Action Taken).

But in reality life its not all quantum probabilities and shadow magic, not always. As all of life and the universe and everything cannot be lumped into a few neat categories and boxes or even spheres, there’s always going to be the grey areas of overlapping contrast and anomalous evidence.

Theses are the unknown’s that were not possible at the time of manufacture or conception of the system, its why we have (windows updates).

More To Reality Than Meets The Eye

choices life consciousness


There’s always more to the reality of things, going on that may first initially not meet the eye, and it always requires dynamic and responsive change’s to meet any and all problems with a satisfactory conclusion.

If the system cannot grow becoming flexible being able to adapt to new problems and  situations as they arise.  Causing the system to malfunction, break and utterly collapse.

The same situation can be viewed with your life, as life is a tricky thing like that. 

Like peeling an onion, you can’t know whats beneath the next layer, you can only presume and assume its going to be another layer of onion and nothing more. Never knowing for sure!

Maybe one day it will be made of Swiss Chocolate or you may even find a ring in it lol .. One can only hope so, stranger things have happened, but its not always guaranteed to occur, that just life, C’est la vie!,

Life & Our Expectations

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Does not always turn out like we would want it to, like in the case of expectation VS reality. How they are often not the same thing, or not even close not from the Facebook / Instagram / Twitter catfish profile evidence I’ve seen !

Everything is fake and overrated and over hyped, you can’t take anything at face value. Requiring a little extra perceptional skill to fully understand a thing like that..

For Example

When one sees a swan gliding gracefully on a lake, even though you cannot directly observe it fully in its entirety. You just know its little legs are moving fast right beneath it and just below surface to keep it moving perfectly and effortlessly above, but you cant see it unless you choose to look, and only if you want to see it, will you do so.

Quantum Choices How To Apply Them

choices life consciousness

Changing Your Outcome

Quantum choices and how to apply them in your life. 

  1. Curiosity – Once you have committed to curiosity by asking question about things you know or thought you knew. Committing yourself to doing real research practicing mindfulness awareness of your surroundings and vibration. You have started on a path of discovery and you must walk it to completion and receive the answer and the wisdom it contains, and although some journeys may vary, they still inevitably end at the same destination, there is no going back along the path until you reached the crown having already found wisdom.
  2. Red Pill / Blue Pill – On your journey of awakening and becoming your greatest version allot will change in your life you will view the world differently.  It’s not like you can un-know a thing or un-see a thing although you can undo a thing, However it is still not the same as having never done it at all.
  3. Choices – The key factor here is choice as it all comes down to choices, yes/no , no action taken, and the transitional state of changing from one to the other in between, people often over look that, that’s how they miss the hidden paths like the ones that can only be found through suffering.

To me they are all to apparent, but that’s a story for another time 🙂 


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