Christmas Stressful Situations Guide

How To Cope With Life When Everything Seams Like Its Becoming Too Much. This Is The Case Many Find Themselves In During This Time of Year STRESS!

Mindfulness Techniques

By Nicole Foley- Meditation For Freedom UK

Stress is a common feeling that every human being experiences. This being more so around the seasonal holidays! And as we all know from experience, stress can impact your life negatively and it should, therefore, be dealt with properly.

Stress may be unavoidable at times, but how it is handled is our choice. Managing stressful situations is all about taking charge of your thoughts, lifestyle, emotions, and the way you handle problems.

When faced with a stressful situation at work or in your personal life. It is very common to worry, panic and be fearful which can result in poor performance and inaction. To avoid this, here are a few tips that can help you manage stress. During the holidays and in your general day to day life. 

Christmas Stressful Situations Guide Determining the Sources of Stress in your Life

Christmas Stressful Situations Guide

What is Causing You The Stress / Anxiety ?

Identifying the sources of stress should be the first step, before you know how you will deal with it. It can be easy to identify the major stressful situations like moving from home, changing jobs, christmas or losing a loved one. But identifying the day to day stress can prove to be hard.

In order to recognize your true source of stress you should look into your attitude, habits, and excuses. As these play a huge part in your mental health and stress levels.

Creating a priority list is a great way to reduce your stress and anxiety. This way you will feel more in control as you can see everything layed out infront of you.

Taking Care of Yourself Is Important

Christmas Stressful Situations Guide

The Importance of Taking Care of You
By taking care of your body through eating the correct foods and getting the right nutrition. You will be able to handle stress better, as you will be in good physical and mental shape.

Start looking after yourself by having fun, finding time for relaxation, exercising, eating healthily. But most importantly attaining a balance between your personal life and work life. It is important to find time for both, this way your mental health and emotions stay in balance and you will not become over whelmed. 

By maintaining a good work and family balance, you will find help is always at hand when needed. This is because communication levels are good. Making it easier to ask for help and assistance when you start feeling over whelmed or stressed

Your Mindset Will Make All The Difference

Christmas Stressful Situations Guide

Stop Creating Samsara With Your Thoughts 
The way we think and feels creates our outcomes. This is no longer a theory, but more a scientific fact. How it works is that everything is made up of energy including your thoughts. So when one has a thought it naturally creates a vibration this vibration is transfered to the bodies energetic field. Known as the field of conscious information, this is where all ideas and thoughts manifest.

This is why we attract what we think about most, be it good or bad into our lives. What if I told you that you will spend 80% of your life worrying about things that will never happen ? Sounds a bit far fetched, but if you just have a think for a moment about the things you worried about that never happend you will see that I am right. Why did they not manifest ? manifestation only happens when we combine the 3 elements thought feeling and vibration on a continuous loop consuming all ou energy and time on the one thought. 

Positive thinking makes one feel confident and in control, most of the time. You should envision a positive outcome to a stressful situation and focus on your successes rather than your failures.

Focusing on obstacles that you have overcome also helps you feel in control. This will also give you a drive to go further! 

Christmas Stressful Situations Connecting With Others

Christmas Stressful Situations Guide

It is important not to isolate yourself when you are under pressure, this will not benefit you. Social engagement is the most efficient and quickest way to reduce stress and to avoid overreacting to both external and internal events. That you recognize as threatening and potentially stressful.

By expressing what you are feeling or going through to a person that you know, who is outside of your situation. They can sometimes see solutions which you cannot as you are under pressure and in the mix, so to speak!

Some sources of stress in our lives are unavoidable and can’t be changed. The best way to cope with such stress is to accept things the way they are. Trying to put things in place in advance, so when the events arrive you are mainly prepared.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety Forgive Yourself & Others

Christmas Stressful Situations Guide

A Time of Forgiveness  

The Christmas season is suppose to be a time for familys and friends but times have changed. It has become a time of suffering, anxiety and stress for most people. Allot of pressure is put upon us to buy presents and attend events and gatherings.

This will most definately add to your stress levels, if you were stressed already! Try reducing that stress and anxiety by forgiving those who you have to become associated with during the holiday season. Stop holding a grudge and forgive and if you was not a fault forgive them anyway.

The key to a happy life starts with forgiveness, everything is energy and when we hold grudges it does nothing for our soul. Keeping us tied to these people, changing our vibration everytime we have to endure a moment in their company.

Free yourself from this and start 2020 on a good vibrational note leaving way for good things to come your way. By forgiving we break the tie and we can then heal, hold it and it will burn inside you and gather more momentum as the years go by. 

Be & Stay In Control of Your Life By Following The Above Steps & You Will Find, That Your Life Will Change Becoming Happier & Stress Free - Thanks for Reading / Listening

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