Comfort Zones 5 Ways To Get Out

Comfort Zones 5 Ways To Get Out of The Cycle and Break The Habit Making You More Productive and Less Procrastinative. Achieve More With These Simple Tips..

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5 Ways Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone Can Improve EQ Ahhh, the comfort zone… the imaginary concept which makes everyone feel secure but allows no-one to fulfill their true potential in life.

Now, staying cozy in your warm comfort zone is a common thing, and plenty
of people find it difficult to explore unfamiliar situations. But, if you
want the type of success that has others in complete awe, you won’t achieve it by sticking to the norm.

Below we have listed 5 reasons why you should break free from your comfort zone.

Comfort Zones 5 Ways and Reasons You Should Get Out #1

comfort zones 5 ways

It Breeds Confidence Within You

Confidence is a crucial aspect of emotional intelligence, but it’s one that remains stagnant without new experiences. Why? Because venturing out and proving to yourself you can do something is a solid way to build self-assurance.

Once you’ve put yourself in foreign surroundings, you’ll be confident to keep trying new things and pushing yourself because you’ll know you can handle the emotions that go with it.

This will open the doors to new opportunities in your life if you are open to the laws of serendipity !

Comfort Zones 5 Ways Number #2

comfort zones 5 ways

Fear of Failure Stops You Achieving 

The fear of failure is something that 99% of the  population encounters at some stage in their life. But, learning to work with those emotions and continuing to delve into new possibilities with a sense of optimism will create resilience.

This is because a core attribute of emotionally-intelligent people is envisioning success and making it their mission to achieve. By getting out of your comfort zone, you’ll claim that attribute too.

There is a buzz phrase going around which is ” fake it until you make it “. The only reason that this works so  effectively is because the subconscious mind which creates the outer reality cannot tell the difference. 

The is a bigger science to this however you cannot just think abundantly positive thoughts. This is the mistake you have to feel it because it has to work on a vibrational and energetic level in order to manifest as desired. When we add doubt to the mix we dont see the bigger picture and create all the doubts we thought about for so long. 

Comfort Zones 5 Ways Number #3

Develope Your Adaptability

The modern business society is full of changes, so thriving in the workplace nowadays requires an awful lot of adaptability. But, knowing how to deal with anxiety, fear and apprehension isn’t a God-given trait, it’s something that is forged through experiences.

If you don’t step away from your comfort zone, you’ll never know how you’ll react when change does occur. By trying new things, you’ll subsequently be practicing how to manage those emotions.

Comfort Zones 5 Ways Number #4

Improving your creative problem-solving

Those with a high EQ don’t crack under pressure; they stand up to problems by using their ability to manage their own and other people’s emotions to concoct an effective strategy to overcome them. Getting yourself to that point isn’t easy, though, and is only possible if you’ve been through experiences previously.

Challenging yourself in unfamiliar environments will allow you to gain the experiences that will aid your creative problem solving ability.

All problems can be solved this way when we remove our selves from the situation and look at things from the outside. There is always and answer or multiple ways of looking at a situation when you access it from the outside and do not attach yourself to it.

Comfort Zones Getting Out Number 5

comfort zones 5 ways

Reinforcing your inner-strength

Do you know what will add resilience to your character? Facing different challenges, experiencing negative emotions, staying levelheading in tricky scenarios and pushing your boundaries consistently.

Without a certain level of inner-strength, you won’t be in a position to improve your EQ, because tough situations will always get the better of you. Whereas, with inner-strength, you’ll be able to cope, learn and progress. Allot of people fall in a trap of asking the wrong people for advise and this leads to failures. 

Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you, this way you will be pushed more to succeed.

Find out more about raising your emotional intelligence so that you can achieve more, we recommend reading the book listed below. 


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