Covid Will We EVER Go Back To Normal?

Covid has changed all our lives and have left people wondering. Will it ever go back to normal?

Mindfulness Techniques

By Awakened Light - Meditation For Freedom UK

When we say back to normal, what are we really saying? Lets go back to sleep? What normal are we searching for a life of ignorance? These are the many questions you should ask yourself. I say this as nothing is going back to normal EVER!.

Now you have a choice? The choice is to continue reading or to walk away and not know. The information presented came from visions I had as a child therefore I cannot sugar coat it, I will just say it how it is. I like to keep it real and to the point and go into futher details when doing live videos and get questions where I am happy to answer.

Covid The Reality The Virus


Will we go back to normal?

Will we go back to NORMAL? Answer if the 99.9% dont stand up this will happen. Unfortunately the economy is being crashed all businesses that are still just about standing will be bought under the guv 6 companies will run it ALL.

Benefiting in the background will be 6 ( families ) they will OWN it all sounds crazy i know but this is a reset and the only way to make everyone do as they are told is to control your money resources and food and make you soley dependant on the system for everything.

Therfore they are making your business and others go bust under covid so no one takes blame, they then have to really crash system. So by taking out the paper money you will be forced to cashless this is not an option. 

But Why Do This?

Makes No Sense Why Would They Do This?

Why? as this is how the plan moves forward for next stage once all money online. Then they will reset the money leaving everyone with the same.

WHAT? Oh yes.. how will they do this all your money will be in bank they will allow 70% of their banks to go bust you will not be covered thats in the small print you have with bank.

They they will cut the internet once it goes back online they will say they dont know how much anyone had so to make it fair they will bring in a new system social credit system and the full control system leaving everyone to get the same.

As most people will not have a job as the machines taking over as blueprints for your jobs are being created. 

No Jobs Crashed Economy A.I Control


Artifical Takeover 

Weddings will be done online like vegas, teachers, police, doctors will not be required as A.I better. All transport will be guv corps you will not have freedom to drive your own car everything will be online.

Over time the machine will do your thinking for you as you will be CHIPPED and connected to the singularity one mind ( MARK OF THE BEAST ) CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT!

All this is true i seen it as a kid thats how i know 110% They will also need your property back as you only OWN the BRICKS. You do not have an EMODIAL TITLE and YOUR lands are needed back to create the new smart homes that will be connected to the grid!

Some cities structures will be kept as open museums like they done with pyramids.

To change the FATE of this it requires EVERYONE or our fate will be sealed, you cannot turn back once you cross the line and get chipped. However without the chip you will not have a life and with the chip your life will be controlled and monitored to every last detail and waking moment.

Covid Lost Money

Money Is an Illusion and it will soon be taken.

As soon as you deposit any MONEY into the ROTHCHILDS BANKS ( which is all of them in the western world (WAKE UP TO THIS). It becomes property of the BANK ( FACT see the small print ) It also tells you that you are an UNSECURED CREDITOR TO THE BANK!

Meaning in simple terms that the bank can do ANYTHING IT WANTS TO wth YOUR MONEY. So if the banks go BUST WHICH THEY WILL BY DESIGN 0% interest rates soon coming your 1000 will be worth 100 , you will have to line up to get paid .


The Great Awakening

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