Eden 2 Trees Decoded Occult Knowledge

Eden 2 Trees Decoded Occult Knowledge, Removing The Cloak To Liberate The People. Giving Them A Choice To Be Free From Bondage Free Your Spirit.

eden 2 trees decoded

By Natalie Mantle - Meditation For Freedom

The garden of eden is a paradise of perfection its a symbolic reference, to what was once the natural state of humanity. 

Those who resided within eden were pure, they knew of only goodness and virtue as they were they reflections of Elohim. They embodied the 7 virtues of the soul, however this garden has never exisited in the physical world, know as the garden of adam and eve.

However through research of esoteric wisdom it has been discovered and confirmed that there was a physical place called Eden. Which is located in southern mesopotamia now known as Iraq, where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers run into the sea.

A mystery school was founded here by the Chaldeans, but this was not the eden of Adam and Eve. 

Tree of Life / Kabbalah Science

Eden 2 Trees Decoded Occult Knowledge

Symbolic Trees Hidden Meanings, Kabbalah 

Within every human Elohim created roots these roots are your connection to the divine with the tree of life being within the crown of your chakra. 

There are 2 trees that are highlighted throughout religion and religious teachings. The tree of life and the tree of good and evil,these 2 trees are symbolic not litural as some may think. Referenced in many teachings such as:

  • The Tree In Which The Buddah Shakyamuni found enlightenment 
  • Tree of Life of The Aztecs 
  • Yggdrasil Tree Norse Cosmology, Supporting Existence 
  • Quran The Burning Tree on Mount Sinai
  • Ceiba used As The World Tree of The Mayans 

The Science of The Tree of Life Is Called Kabbalah


The science of the true of life in Judasim is called Kabbalah, this wisdom and knowledge is universal and can be found in many religions. Secrecy and symbolism has it appear under many names.

The science of the tree of life as represented on the left is a map of the universe and of the human soul. 

As the tree of life maps the expansive universe / macro cosmos. It  also maps the micro cosmos being you man who is the reflection of the universe 

A symbolisation of the structure of the human soul and the structure of creation. Its roots are represented in the highest realms and its branches and leaves represent all the worlds and beings in exisitence.

This tree give food life wisdom and sustenance to all whom consume it.

Forbidden Fruits Tree of Good & Evil

Eden 2 Trees Decoded Occult Knowledge

The 2 Trees 

As referenced in the  religious teachings Adam and Eve were free to eat from the tree of life. Behind the cloak this means that they were free to feed themselves with :

  • The science from the tree of life understanding and wisdom ( kabbalah )
  • And The Science of God 
  • Activating A Fully Awakened Consciousness ( Crown Chakra ) 

A fully awakened consciousness is represented behind the cloak as the Christmas Tree when fully lit it is a symbol of the tree of life as passed down through the ages of occult knowledge and traditions. 

When a person has a fully illuminated consciousness all senses are fully opened and activated providing a direct personal relationship with God.

Daath Means knowledge and is represented in the Kabbalah, which traditionally is never spoken of so the term gnosis is used instead. Its is the science of the Great Acanum which is or was secret knowledge only known within secret soceties.

The Forbidden Tree In The Garden

The tree of knowledge of good and evil was forbidden to adam and eve they were told not to eat of it or they would die. 

Adam and eve as told in religion were tempted by the one thing the could not have the forbidden tree.

Behind the cloak knowledge means sexuality Daath or gnosis is a direct refrence to sexuality. 

Below i will explain what connection behind the cloak, this has to the serpent and the forbidden tree Adam and Eve ate from. Which relates to my Androgynous Being post about seperation. 

The 2 Serpents - Adam & Eve

The 2 Serpents Adam & Eve 

When Adam and Eve were seperated into 2 sexes by Elohim, man and women still carried the elements of both male and female within them.

Adam and Eve are represented as polarized energy as seen in the ancient cultures and current symbols of the caduceus. If you are not sure what this is it is the picture in last section of the 2 snakes around a staff or below. The 2 snakes / serpents have always symbolised the masculine and femine energetic channels that wind up our spine. 

They are energetic so would not be able to be found by man, but accessed through vibration. The root of the serpents is Yesod, known as the foundation of man which are the sexual organs. We feeds theses through sexual energy, these channels of energy are called many names:

  • Ida and Pingala in Sanskrit, which is the classical language of Indian and the liturgical language of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism
  • Ode and Obe in the Kabbalah and secret societies 
  • Adam and Eve in Christianity 
  • Also know in scriptures as the 2 olive trees, seen as the 2 candlestick or as the 2 pillars in freemasonry standing before the God of the earth.

Adam & Eve

eden 2 trees decoded

The 2 serpents wind up the spinal collum of your physical body the spine represents the rod. Your spine is the center of your physical body and the central colum of your temple ( crown chakra ). The colum stands upon the foundation known as Yosod the sexual energy.

Your spine (rod) has 33 vertebrates, symbolised by the 33 years of the life of Jesus of Nazareth and the 33 degrees of the Freemasonry taken from the tombs in Egypt.

Adams is the masculine aspect Eve is the feminine aspect. It is the energy of Eve the female aspect that pushes for procreation. Hence why Eve was tempted to eat from the forbidden tree of good and evil, was a symbol of humanity desiring the fruits of sexuality such as children.

But until this time humanity was not allowed to have children created on their own, they were forbidden from eating that fruit. ( the poison apple ).

Eating The Forbidden Fruit

eden 2 trees decoded

Forbidden Fruits

Adam and eve were told if you eat the fruit you are not going to die as you were told. However as soon as you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will know what the Elohim knows. Becoming devine beings knowing good and bad.

Tempted by the serpent they chose to procreate of their own will disobeying Elohim. But in their innocence they did not realise that the law of not eating from the forbidden tree was there for good reason and for their own good. 

Procreation without the guidance of Elohim lead to the discovery of the orgasm. Before eating from the tree of good and evil Adam and Eve only knew good in their ignorance they did not think of the consquences of eating from the tree. 

The Holy Spirit - Immaculate Conception

When a man and woman engage in a sexual act tremendous energy is harnessed. It is in this state that a man and woman have the God given capacity to create and not just life. 

Man acting as the active force the reflection of God the Father and Woman acting as the receptive force of God the Mother. And sex being the active force that brings them together creating the holy spirit. 

This is the real meaning behind the symbol the TRINITY. The trinity is a unit of three , three that express themselves as one. In order to create this 1 divides itself into 2 male and female this is the mystery of the holy spirit the force that combines the 2.

Symbolised by Shiva through history as the creative and destructive force of God. Also symbolised by fire and water and by light.

The Sexual Waters of Creation

eden 2 trees decoded

Sexual Waters

All of life comes from the sexual waters, when harnessing the power of sexual energy and creation, it requires great responsibility. 

At the time of Adam and Eve sex was only practiced at the temples, under the guidence of the Elohim. Humanity was being guided in this holy ritual by Gabriel as indicated by his reocurrence in the religious bibles, annoucing the arrival of children. 

Behind the cloak Gabriel is the region of the moon and influeneces all forms of conception on earth. 

The wasteful expulsion of seamen through the orgasm is and never has been required when creating life. This is the hidden meaning behind immaculate conception as all life is created through the trinity of harnessing sexual energy.  The word immaculate means perfectly clean.

This is why in relgion they say when a man spills the sacred fluid he needs to bathe his whole body in water but will still remain unclean until evening.

The Orgasm

To indulge in the forbidden fruits of sexuality means to spill the sexual energy to orgasm. Tasting the divine energy that illuminates the soul in order to feel physical pleasure and sensation. But this is the energy which maintains the physical wellbeing of the individual but is expelled through the orgasm.

It is important that the energy created that gives man the ability to create be use efficiently. As it is connected to the same life force that mantains your vitality. Keeping your 7 superior senses in tact. This is what unites mankind to the devine

  • Altruism 
  • Chastity 
  • Love 
  • Right Action 
  • Temperance 
  •  Humility 
  • Happiness For Others 

Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of good and evil abusing the sexual energy in their bodies by having the orgasm. – So they broke the only rule they had been given

We we expell the sexual energy we expell the energy that fules our inner sense. People who fornicate expell the divine sexual energy through the orgasm can not precieve God directly.

Poison For The Soul Divine Energy

eden 2 trees decoded

Eternal Sleep Posion for The Soul 

The orgasm is represented in religion as the fruit eaten from the tree of good and evil. Whilst sex is pleasurable and very tempting due to the power it creates to our physical senses. Eating it is poisionous to our soul and by eating it we end up in a state of eternal sleep. 

This means we lose touch with who we really are, losing our connection to the devine. Also losing our connections to the higher realms of nature and reality living only within the matrix. 

Elohim gave the order to Adam & Eve not to eat from this tree and that was the reason. As before they abused the use of the tree of knowledge sex was treated with respect and dignity and the orgasm was unknown to mankind and was unnecessary. 

Divine Sex

eden 2 trees decoded

Adam & Eves eyes were made open after eating from the tree. They knew that they were un clothed!  so they sowed fig leaves together to make clothes.

The acts of sexual connections before the temptation from the garden of eden. Were carried out under the guidance of Jahovah Elohim and enjoyed sex in accordance with  the laws given to them.

They enjoyed the tree of knowledge sexuality, but did not eat of its fruit.

The knowledge that came from the tree was good & evil as when Adam & Eve ate from the tree, they discovered desire. Which will always lead to suffering and pain within the human.

This is represented as the pandoras box in greek mythology, as when opened releases evil into the world such as

  • Pride
  • Fear
  • Evil
  • Shame 
  • Jelousy 
  • Desire
  • Ego
  • Seperation 
Through the discovery of the orgasm Adam & Eve did learn new knowledge as promised by the serpent. They gained the knowledge of suffering shame and all of the above. 

What The Elohim Knew

eden 2 trees decoded

Divine Knowledge 

With this newly gained knowledge right and wrong now becomes hazey. As one wants to feel pleasure but without feeling pain or suffering. 

Adam and Eve now knew what the Elohim knew, which was all desire leads to suffering. Knowing what is good and what is evil, they had only ever know good, purity and simplicity. Now humanity knew of pandoras box and the evil within. 

The Fallen Angels

eden 2 trees decoded

Desire caused all the Gods within the garden to fall from their places. Being cast out of the 4th dimension into the 3rd dimension the world of suffering. As its desire that leads all creatures to hell. Behind the cloak hell is not a physical place its a mental state and vibration.

The slave of desire is a slave of sin, so only suffering and death can await him. Through the abandonment of desire the deathly state is realized. 

When we desire something it become a craving and all cravings from desire lead to suffering. 

Adam & Eve were cast out of the garden of eden by Jahovah Elohim to wander in a world of suffering and ignorance. And told to the woman ” Only in pain shall you bear children “. The were stripped of their colour which was HUE, so they would burn under the heat. A new Hue was to come at a later date known as the 18th Tribe Meaning Bloodline, which were given dominion over the people of all the lands.

After eating from the tree and rejecting the laws set out by Elohim, mankind attempted to have children on their own. Causing conception and child birth to happen outside of the natural balance of nature. 

As a result this brought more pain and hardship to mankind. Because mankind was using the sexual energy to stimulate desire and pleasure. The Snake of eve as represented in the caduceus became inverted flowing in the opposite direction the serpent fell. Which is know as the tail of Satan stimulating and feeding off the 7 captial sins. ( tail of satan meaning – Desire caused all the Gods within the garden to fall from their places. Being cast out of the 4th dimension into the 3rd dimension the world of suffering).  

This is where the 1000 years timer began. The earth was given to the wicked for a period of 1000 years, which would end at the time of awakening. This was forseen in nebuchadnezzar dream. Most people associate this with the coming of their Saviour. I associate it will a realization of who you are and what has been done to you in this wicked world for the past 1000 years. 

Filling The Void Disconnection From The Devine

Eden exists within every human and can be found when we refrain from spilling the sacred energy we stay connected to the devine. When we expell this sacred energy we detach ourselves from the devine removing us from eden.

To replace this void and disconnection from the divine man created :

  • Civillizations
  • Religions

Seeking power, sexual satisfaction and material wealth to fill the void that is missing. Now man in 2019 has only been left with a trace of the devine Elohim.

This disconnection from the devine is documented in religious stories such as Delila & Samson, however they are not revealing whats behind the cloak as written above. 

The gateway back to Eden has never been locked, but entrance is only grated to those who have conquered the 2 snakes the serpents within. Reaching a state of Gnosis /daath

Hope This Answered Your Questions, I will soon be covering how to raise the 2 serpennt snakes the kundalini from Yesod to Keter.For More Occult Knowledge, Arts, Crafts, Clothing & Wisdom See Links Below - Natalie Mantle

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