Everyone Lives Here Awakening

Everyone Lives Here, We Have Never Been Alone. The World Is Not How You Think.. Agartha Is Real & There Are Many More Places Like This Here On This Earth !  Some In Plain Sight…

everyone lives here awakening

Writer Undisclosed - Meditation For Freedom

With the latest discoveries now being found at Antartica (south pole) due to the rapid melting of the ice. Things that were once hidden and kept secret is now coming to light, one of which is the discovery of  a huge lake with fresh water down near wear the Russians have established a base which is known as the Vostock Station.

What was important about this discovery was that the lake was discovered 200 miles down beneath the surface! What was found down there was another city which has been flash frozen possibly dating back to the time of the great floods.

Leaving one to believe that the pole shift that happened at the time cause the temperature of the continent to drop rapidly leaving the people frozen in time.

Everyone Lives Here Who Are They

everyone lives here awakening

We Are Not Alone 

DraconiansA Hybrid Humanoid Species , sharing some facial similarities with that of the fictional Draconians portrayed in movies. 

Nephilim- The giant people, are the offspring of the “sons of God” Human in appearance although their genetic trait is to bear 6 fingers or 6 toes. 

Aesculapian’s – Snake hybrid most commonly found in London land of the serpents can alternate between forms depending on it environment 

Blue Avarians – Humanoid generally depicted with bird-like wings on its back and bird like features you can see images of these beings depicted on the egyptians walls. 

The Grey’s – of alien origin  artificially created/modified race used by other alien races as servants or even slaves to execute tasks such as abductions and other things.

 Aryans – Spiritual beings of human origin able to connect on all levels of the 13 planes of existence Conscious and sub-conscious levels ( this is how you move a mountain with thought or muscle) 

 Annunaki –Are the most powerful deities in the pantheon, descendants of An, the god of the heavens, and their primary function is to decree the fates of humanity.

Reptilian Shape Shifters – Our biggest threat blood-drinking, flesh-eating, shape-shifting extraterrestrial reptilian humanoids with only one objective to enslave the human race. 

Paschats – The lion race of humanoids which are highly represented all over the world via te- lie – vision as well as the British Empire & Hollywood. Living among us we do not see them as they can change our perception so that just see another human

Arcadians / Pans – Gods of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds, rustic music and impromptus, and companion of the nymphs. Having the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat, in the same manner as a faun or satyr.

There are more, however I have not listed them as I believe them to be more of an idea rather than factual.

So How Long Have We Known ?

everyone lives here awakening

Discovery We Were Not Alone 

In 1920 when Nickolas Tesla started understanding how EFV and numbers were all connected putting the human way above anything they had expected at this time from us. There were many others besides Nickolas Tesla designing and creating free energy devices. 

Why did they show themselves ? Because we created weapon technologies that used the earths magentic field to send energy into the either. Threatening their homes aswell ! As we all live in the same place 

For Example:  United States detonated two nuclear weapons over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945, respectively. The United States dropped the bombs after obtaining the consent of the United Kingdom, as required by the Quebec Agreemen

Inner Worlds & Communication

everyone lives here awakening

As Above so Below

There is a large network of tunnels and sub terrains that are below the earth, they can only be accessed through openings located around the globe. This allow them to travel to and from their underworld, to our world and vice versa. If your within the circle of trust you can go their also but its not as simple as just finding the cave .

You have to know allot of things you have to be prepare for the journey i do not mean physically i mean mentally as these places ( openings ) are guarded and not by what we know as human.

They know you coming before you do so if they do not want you to enter you will never find the opening even if you know where it is. As allot of these opening are for pure heart and understand you need to leave you ego long before you take this trip they will not be deceived ! .

Two Sides To every Coin You Cannot Have Light Without Dark !

You might get lucky or unlucky depending on how you look at it ( I say this because most of humanity has bad intent !) Therefore would never be high enough in consciousness to live in the higher realm chambers ). leaving us to only gain access to one of the darker realms.

This is how the powers that be in the upper worlds ( us) who are being manipulated communicate with these Deities / Demi Gods better know as the fallen.

The book of Enoch tells you about these beings and how they came to be, it was taken out of the scriptures because it was deemed of to much information for the general public so was only made knowledge within secret societies. 

Times have changed now and more and more people are becoming aware of this scripture that was left out.

They supply us with technology, we supply them with food! Its a special kind of food know in the occult circles and around people who know as Kid Corn. As well as allowing 1000’s of abductions to take place yearly for test of humans.   

Technology Given To CERN

everyone lives here awakening


Who are they ? European Organization for Nuclear Research, that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. Established in 1954, 

The technology Cern has been being given is all designed so that we can break the 7th seal and put G5 online, coming full circle, the singularity is then set up connecting us to the cloud they will then take over. until they take over with the singularity , as they will be controlling it.

CERN is the abbreviated title for an ancient Deity Cernunnos who’s name means horned one, also know as a God of nature, life or fertility, the God of Death symbolizing the symbol or restoration after destruction and The LORD of the underworld. 

They Unveiled Half of The Truth in 2004 


everyone lives here awakening

The Dance of Destruction - Nataraja Outside The Head Quarters of Cern - Its No Coincidence

everyone lives here awakening

On the 18th June 2004 in a very occult ceremony CERN unveiled Shiva Statue.

Nataraja is a depiction of the Hindu god Shiva as the cosmic ecstatic dancer. His dance is called Tandavam or Nadanta. Depending on how he is positioned outside Cern the dance depicts destruction.

Shiva is one of 3 members of the Trinity the Hindu trinity of the cosmic functions of creation, preservation and destruction. Bahama – The Creator / Vishnu  – The preserver and Shiva – The Destroyer also know as the transformer, make up the Trinity.  Real high end occultist have always been aware of this fact The story was that it was given as gift from India to celebrate its association with CERN, ( but they have been in business since the 1060’s).

It was given as a mark of achievement of the work they have done together as they now had the information that they needed to proceed in creating the collision machine which crashes particles of matter and changes things so that they later move on to creating G5 for the Singularity, connecting humans to the cloud .

All in time for when they break the 7th seal.


Particle Collision What Could Happen ?

So what do you mean by particle collision ? It was never about mapping out the fabrics of the earth the collision machine was created to in effect pierce the veil taking us from 3 dimensional living which is how people who do not meditate on higher levels live now which is 92% population into a 4 dimensional world.

This is why the film bird box was brought out to show the people in the know what coming. The things deemed supernatural or un-explainable will be visible for all to see including the shape-shifter that reside her in the upper world as well as the Deities and Entities that will be released when the 7th Seal is Broken.

Creating mass hysteria imagine everything you was told that was a lie and turned out to be the total opposite ! Including the fact that we are not spinning in space , all Freemasons, government and the elite know this ! They always have its even on their main symbol and its the on the United Nations symbol in plain sight !

They are laughing at you not with you when you are mocking the flat earther’s, because they all know the truth. That’s why a treaty was put in place in 1950 the longest still standing treaty in history to stop anyone going to Antarctic without clearance, you cant just go ! Because when we first made contact and discovered the hidden lands beyond the poles we were warned away!

Access To The Land Beyond The Poles 

Not everyone is allowed to visit access, is only given to members of the 13 Bloodlines or above can enter or scientist allowed to carry out experiments after which their memories are wiped using MK Ultra. These are not your average humans the scientist these people have been bread for this under special programs by fracturing the mind to create multiple personalities needed for different jobs.

The education system was set up to make you think otherwise. There is an edge but you will never find it why ? because all humans are restricted to where they can and cannot go if you leave a state they know. All pilots are Freemasons so they know also, this was something you only got told if you needed to know because of you job.

So why Are People Now Learning of This?

The reason why more people are finding out the truth has been going on for a while this is due to the MK Ultra programming , they have to take you as a child in order to fracture the mind , because it is easier this way. but over time after allot of mind clearing they break down.

They are then released back into society. The problem that started with this was due to the internet as people was sharing their stories and they were getting allot of attention, there was not a platform to share your story years ago. As this been going on since the 1950’s times have changed!.

What people found that was at around age 30 – 35 they start getting flash backs of lives they don’t remember these are the people who have researched what happened to them because they were looking for answers because they knew what they remembered but it did not make sense ! and are now the people exposing allot of truths that were kept hidden from the general public 

The Vast Cities Beneath Our Feet

everyone lives here awakening

There has been much speculation as to weather or not we are alone on this earth. The underworld is a plain between spirits where the either or spirit becomes nature. Nature returns back to spirit making it both physical and a spiritual realm. So what I am about to tell you will blow your mind literally below you will find a list of places in which you can access these caverns into the underworld:

  • Stone Hendge – One of the stones will reveal an undercarriage passage which take you to an underground colony of humanoids 
  •  Westminster London – There are 4 opening to the undergrounds at Westminster as the reptilians are separated by two colonies the Reptilian shape-shifter and the Aesculapian shape-shifters
  • Khufu’s Horizon – Most commonly know as the great pyramid of Giza there is only one opening here which you will find in the 6th chamber of the pyramid this will lead you to the underworld of the Anunnaki 
  • Ragnarok Mountain – There are many openings at this location 2 at the bottom 2 half way up and 2 at the top when you reach the clouds – This will take you to the underground of the Pleiadians know as the Lyrans  
  • Antarctica – One of the largest undercover civilization in the world residing in an area 3 times the size of America. Offering many openings large and small which are located at the north and south poles ( this is not secret to the elites ) hence the treaty that was put in place The Antarctic Treaty was signed in Washington on 1 December 1959 by the twelve countries whose scientists had been active in and around Antarctica during the International Geophysical Year of 1957-58.

It entered into force in 1961 and has since been acceded to by many other nations. The total number of Parties to the Treaty is now 53. This is because of the anomalies and what they found when they got there. Its not just ice everything you think has become extinct lives h and resides here , pilot General Byrd made this discover also and was warned of speaking to the public until his finally days when he came clean and his son posted the video on  the internet.  

  • Aurora borealis the one in the north – Here is another entrance this is the entrance through the holy grail it is where the black sun resides ( as above so below ) To gain access to this realm you have to have pure intent or one will perish, there is no illness in these places and people / humanoids / reptilians can lives for hundreds if not thousands of years. Time passes differently here its not like the upper world. This is why no planes are permitted to fly over the north pole, however exceptions are given to the south pole with the right clearance. This is where the Atlantians reside
  • Sun Dune Caves – Located in Vietnam, here you will find more that 3 passages that will take you to the underworld of the Brahama. These entrances are guarded by monks and have been guarded since the beginning of time
  • Shambal – The kingdom is laid out in precisely the same form as an eight-petalled lotus blossom surrounded by a chain of snow mountains. This is the home of the advanced reptilian race Naga. These entrances are also guarded by the buddhist monks you will not fall upon its entrance you have to be shown. 
  • The Potala Palace – Based in Lhasa China is the entrance to the another advanced civilization known as the blue Avarian’s or the Rhama’s they are half human half reptilian. the entrance can be found in the centre of the palace there is a secret paneling that will take you into the tunnels  where the journey will take 40 days a some of the cavities are very small so allot of preparation is required before hand fasting etc. 
  • The Vatican- Located in the Vatican City one for the smallest cities in the world here there are multiple entrances here which are under Vatican Control. No member of the public will ever gain access here unless you are part of the order and have forgone training.  
  • Easter Island – Located Polynesia on this island you will find to openings to the vast underworld network leading to many of the underground colonies located around the world 
  • The Amazon Jungle – Isolated from most of the upper world here you can locate the underworld for almost what would seam about 15 days one must travel through caverns. Until you start to see balls of bright lights you will soon start to notice glowing disks this is when you have reached the home of the Nephilim’s begins of up to 15 feet tall. Here there is a vast eco system of vegetation. 

The Diary of Richard E Byrd

Suppressed for Years 

What was Richard Byrd trying to tell the public so many years ago that we are only now able to understand. It started like this :

I must write this diary in secrecy and obscurity. It concerns my Arctic flight on 19th February 1947, there comes a time when the rationality of men must fade into insignificance and one must accept the unavailability of the truth !. 

One is not at liberty to disclose this information and chances are it will never be seen by the light of public scrutiny . But i must do my duty for all to read one day hopefully the greed and exploitation of certain of mankind will no longer be able to suppress that which is truth.


What He Wrote Next Would Blow People Minds

Richard then continued to unveil a picture that we had never imagined , he said that he had traveled 1700 miles into the Antarctic. He was surprised when the ice below gave way and showed green forests , lakes and rivers as well as many animals we had believed had been extinct living there at peace such as mammoths.

He noted that everything had a unique and inexplicable color to his amazement he saw space crafts which were flying beside him. He was then escorted to the city on the other side of the poles they were able to take over the controls on his aircraft and landed him safely. 

On arrival he was graciously greeted by civilians they called this place Agartha. Richard and his crew were then taken to see whom they told them was the ruler of Agartha The Master. Richard describes this man as delicate and ancient, they were then told that they were allowed to enter through the invisible barriers because of his moral and ethical character.

The Master went on to say that ever since Amercia had dropped atomic bombs on hiroshima nagasaki there race became very concern for human safety and the survival of the planet. When they interveined we were attacked by your military , Richard was asked to repeat this to the USA. 

They were then guided by their host back to their planes and guided back to the upper world.


Passing On The Message From The Master

everyone lives here awakening

In closing Richard said on arrival back to the US he briefed the pentagon on his findings and was interviewed intensely by top security forces and was ordered to remain silent on all that he had learnt on behalf of humanity.

So that they could maintain the control structure which was starting to take place something like this would have changed everything. ( incredible is all he could call it ). I am constantly reminded that i am a military man and that i must obey orders! 

10 Years later he wrote a final entry in his dairy which said..

These last few years elapsed since 1947 have not been kind, I now make my final entry. I must state that i have faithfully kept this matter secret as directed all these years. Its has been completely against my values of moral right , now i seam to sense the long nights coming on and i know that this secret will not die with me.

This can be the only hope for mankind. I have seen the truth and it has  quickened my spirit  and has set me free from the upper world trappings and restrictions . I have done my duty towards the monstrous military industrial complex . Now the long night approaches there shall be no end. As when the long night at the arctic ends the sunshine of truth will rise for all to see  and those in its darkness shall fall into its light 


So was your mind blown ? Do you have any questions on this subject? Then don’t forget to leave your comment below 

Meditation For Freedom Free Your Mind & The Madness Will Follow .. Awakening

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