Lets Talk Spirituality What Is It ?

Talking about spirituality and the awakening of the collective consciousness. What it really means to be awake, in a corrupt control system set up to guarantee that you FAIL ! Becoming a slave to the matrix, you are not free its an illusions 

Lets talk spirituality

By - KT A Hayman

What is Spirituality?If you think about taking a universal remote control and tuning it in to your TV…. This would be a good metaphor to use.The universal remote control, being in reference, to the Spiritual aspect of ourselves.

Being able to connect on many levels, with more then one source and using our intuition to discern between hidden genders and what’s true and what’s false.

As apposed to a standard remote control, that is restricted to connecting with the TV, that it is sold with.


The Control System


This restriction, being in reference to the hindered people, that are brainwashed in to believing what they have been told  by Media (government controlled, media black outs and bios news). Creating people who find it hard to think outside of the box and think for themselves or to question things.

On the flip side,  spiritual people see through the manipulation,  they see the ‘divide, conquer & control’, mentality of the government & to some degree, some religions are guilty of doing this too.  

People with restricted perspective, would call us ‘conspiracy theorist’s’, or ‘tin hat thinkers’.I know why this is though, it scares some people to think, that they are vulnerable and victims of manipulation. It scares them to admit, that their government is evil, that they put trust in a government, that is corrupt in some way. 

That the government is about lining it’s own pockets and not about the better good for the people.To be fare, it is also the indignation, of being made to look stupid, when it is right there in front of you to see all along.


These people are programmed to be patriotic, proud & supportive of our country & this ideology is grand.  If it was to help us rise up and if it was support that is given to a good cause, but unbeknown to them, it isn’t helping us rise up, in the way that it should. 

How It Works Let Me Explain

Manipulation of The Mind

Let me explain – The Government use the media to spoon feed false, bias, information or half truths, to create resentment and divide between male, female, between races & religion as well as many other things.

They created social class by creating the illusion of money and dangling the proverbial carrot, to create competition and snobbery, envy and jealousy. All the while, they claim half your earnings in taxes. They turn us all on each other and make us want to keep up with the Jones. 

Using predictive programming to hype up brands, that you must be seen to have, in order to have some kind of stature in society. Creating one big boiling pot, of materialistic money hungry, people, that have sold there souls for convenient consumerism and it doesn’t seem to matter at what cost that came at….


They Own Your Children Not You

Your Not In Control

At the same time, the government takes parental powers away from parents. If your child is sick they will decide if he/she can be treated, try and leave county to seek other medical treatment and that when you will realize they in control.

Promoting and shoving addictive social media platforms in both the parents and the child’s hands through schools and other areas. Making everything more and more only available on line forcing you to become part of the new technological agenda. Kids more or less, are influenced and unprotected from the outside world this is harmful technology. As  parents are lost in their phones, leaving the internet to bring there kids up, by leaving them to their own devices, because they are to busy on social media.  

Zero Contract Hours 

By the introduction of zero contract hours, it made it  virtually impossible for a single parent to cover the cost of living. Yet those children are still wanting the latest pair of Nikes, so the single parent has to pull in more hours in work, and those kids that are left un- attended, are out on the streets, forming gangs and finding their own ways of making quick money, IE mugging and drug dealing. 

This leads to turf war and numerous murders, on a daily basis (kids killing kids).So the government cut back on policing & the NHS?…. social culling?…. it certainly seems that way.

Innocence Is Lost

Lost Childhood

Allot of children that lack compassion because of the lack of time and affection they have missed out on. Constantly being told ” Wait a minute I’m on Facebook”.

Kids wanting quality time, ends up sitting in front of their consoles, playing 18 rated, violent games on live stream. Children go on Instagram, posing like a porn star to get attention from boys or anyone since they are not getting any at home. By girls/boys that haven’t been taught self  awareness and self worth, and are caught up in societies trap thinking they need to be like these celebrities . 

Social Media Addiction / Poverty

lets talk spirituality


Social media is a cause of addiction and it seems to be socially acceptable. When I say addiction I mean in the true sense of the word. Addiction comes with withdrawal symptoms:

  • Insomnia
  • Lack of concentration, Procrastination a lack of motivation
  • Loss of drive and not wanting to get up for school in the morning, causing unauthorized absence, falling grades
  • No Options Lack of work prospects and mainly zero contract hour jobs 

Thus going full circle… Thing is, with zero contract hour work, is that you may have the contract, but if the work isn’t there, then you wont get paid and you can’t get instant financial relief.

Zero contract was put in place to keep the figures at the job centre down. However, it doesn’t help people, that are trying to make ends meat, to pay rent and bills and food. Yet they find themselves falling into more and more arrears and even becoming homeless as a result. 

Rise of Poverty

All you have to do is look at the rise in homelessness and the expansion of food banks. It has become worse since Universal Credit has come in forcing more people into poverty. All of this and people want to blame the influx of immigration, saying that immigrants are taking our houses and jobs.

You couldn’t blame people for thinking this, when they are being shown false fact, half truths and being told that immigrants are treated better then our own. This is media and predictive programming, to turn you against each other. (they are hardly being treated better when they have been blasted out of their homes & witnessed a Brother, Mother, or Sister being murdered) for oil and power money make war. Set up using brainwashing tactics, so that when they go to war the brainwashed public are behind them and support them, murdering these people.

These people are innocent,  and you could hardly blame the odd few, for wanting to seek revenge…. (I don’t agree with revenge, but I do understand). Tell me, why it is that these people are called terrorists who didn’t start any wars.  Yet its the government, that started all the terror attacks on the people such as 9/11 are not? 

You can’t blame immigrants for the state of our financial affairs, good money is being thrown after bad to fund Wars.Immigrants would not be seeking asylum, if their own countries weren’t destroyed, for the governments own gain, because of fighting for oil pipe lines, or diamond mining or slavery. 

Creating Misery

lets talk spirituality


Lets not forget that the government had invited the Windrush generation, over here with leave to stay status.

However now these people are due retirement pension, the government have now conveniently, lost any documentation and are deporting families. That have laid down their roots, for 1st to 3rd generations. People that have adopted western culture, being deported back to countries, that they don’t fit in too. 

Grenfell Tower

The application for health and safety, to be assessed yet conveniently nothing was done. Showing a lack of motivation to rehouse the people, that survived, a lack of input, with Theresa May, who promised to house these people. 

The People Came Together

The coming together of all races, colour and creed, to try and piece back together the disaster,that the government should have stepped up to  take control of, yet did nothing. A spiritual gathering of love and compassion, that just goes to show, that we have the minerals to stand up against adversity! 

Lets not forget how the Government tried shifting the  blame, as to why people died, to avoid taking responsibility. Our fire fighters did all that they could, with what they have. Ultimately, the government are good at shifting blame and playing victim.



lets talk spirituality

For Our Country

Then there are those that are patriotic and think all this destruction, is for the better good. This is due to their ignorance to facts and not questioning and doing research, or reading between the lines….

Okay so I have yet to answer the question, of what spirituality is. It is knowing all of this, and caring enough, to take the time to forgive the ignorance and to try and wake people up, to what’s going on. 

Even though it means being deemed, a ‘tin hat thinker’, or conspiracy theorist. We care about humanity and it’s state of affairs. It’s also the concern about, what the effects our economy has on our planet (of which we only have one).

Spirituality is knowing all of the hate and negativity can be wiped out, if people learnt to love and have compassion, selflessness and respect for our fellow man. Teaching people, to let go of greed, anger, hate, jealousy & selfishness, by leading as an example. Spirituality is light work – shining a torch in the darkest of moments and leading people to their own salvation. It’s realizing our bodies, are more than just the physical and when you understand you true power you can change things from within. Because thoughts when activated with heart is what creates our world the 2 has to become one. As well as

  • knowing what makes our hearts tick. It’s thinking with our hearts and leading with our souls.
  • Seeing beyond the physical form, right into the core of our energy and how we are all connected. As we are programmed within a 3D construct but there is allot more you can see if you raise you conscious vibration.
  • How each action has a cause and ripple effect, this is known more commonly as the law of attraction cause and effect one of the 12 universal laws. 
  • Understanding outside interference, from our government, stops us evolving and nurturing our own independent way of thinking and developing sixth senses. This is done through foods, medicines, water, chemtrails, wifi, smart meters and more

You Have NO Idea of Your Powers

lets talk spirituality

Powerful Beyond Words

Gut instinct is very real and if trusted,  develops into psychic abilities (being able to tell what the knock on result will be In the instance of action, nothing un natural but indeed super natural. natural being the word).

  • We are all born with these abilities, Just some develop them from young, by putting trust in their intuition as they would have when taking their first step and learning to walk. This helps their intuition grows exactly the same way.
  • Not many people have this privilege, because of the outside influence of toxins, that are placed in to foods and water, & fluoride in toothpaste, to calcify the pineal gland

This is the governments way of dulling the senses, so their evil ways can go undetected. Also this is why there was a cull on ‘witches and witch Dr’s’ (also known as midwifes or herbalist’s), well there are two reason these people were culled – the oracle aspect and the pharmaceutical benefit. It wouldn’t be beneficial to great pharma and it’s business. There’s money to be made in placebo chemical medications. Making people sick and keeping them sick.

They don’t want you to know, that there is power in herbs and that meditation has a healing effects. So they  tell you meditation is demonic and that only their medicine can cure you. Fasting can cure 95% of illnesses within the body 

Work You Hard So You Have No Time To Cook

Junk food is sold at low cost and healthy food at high cost. It is obvious that eating food, that is bad for you, causes health problems like obesity, leading to stroke, heart attacks,  low self esteem, depression and suicide, then there’s chemical toxins and addictions, that cause liver scarring, cancer and the like. 

There’s all this going on and no cure for cancer?? who ever is holding the cure and is putting a price on it at auction is a very sick minded person. Welcome to HELL, because this is hell on earth all the time this government has control.

Katie A Hayman

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