Nicki Minaj World Stage Speaking Out

The worlds a stage its all a set up on the grand scale of things , USA has a low uptake the FDA is approved is not working so why not use a high level Freemason Nicki is above 33 she is used by 2 enities one Ronan one Martha she has done all the initiations through music videos and on stage not to mention within the masonic lodges. Maybe Ronan does not want the vax as he would need to find another host , host are not so easy to find. She WILL NOT take the vaccine but will pretend to after she has gathered information, to sway her 100s of millions of fans to get the vaccine!!! even if they have to MK ultra Her to give the speech! WAKEY WAKEY — To much attention is being given to this on a global scale to many high levels getting involved WAKEY WAKEY!!! Telephone call from the white house etc come on people.

Nicki Minaj Illuminati Puppet! Posted around a decade ago but maybe now more people have the ability to see! Therefore they will research and then come to their own conculsions 2021 is not the time for sleeping you need to see these people and what side they really play for. They do not care about you, Nicky minaj got so many alters it would now be hard to keep up even though she role plays 3 of them more than most. She could tell you something this week and by next week she backtracks as the alter does not agree! She is a perfect puppet for the illuminati she can push mulitple agneda under different personas! WAKE UP and research MK ULTRA & Demonic Possession

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