Numerology Home Business Addresses Choosing The Right Ones For You

How The Number You Choose When Moving To A New Location, Can Effect Your Way of Life and Happiness 

numerology home business addresses

By Natalie Mantle - Meditation For Freedom

Today I will be talking about numerology and how when moving, why its important to study the new location numbers. Everything in this plane / realm is run by numbers and symbols they create our lives, starting from the day we arrived here.

Numerology Why Are Numbers So Important? When Moving & What Karma Will It Bring To Me ?

Numbers and Their Importance 

When looking at numbers in numerology its important that you learn the importance of them and how they create for us. Numbers have their own vibrations / personalities and are liturally controlling this exisitance!

So when you move for example then the house or business you move into vibrates on a certain freqency because of that number. Allowing you to create or destroy depending on the vibration.

Letters/Numbers How To Work Them Out

  • A= 1
  • B= 2
  • C= 3
  • D= 4
  • E= 5
  • F=6
  • G=7
  • H=8
  • I =9

Repeat from number 1 with other letters so if you had a J it would be number 1 K would be 2 and so on.

Always make the lowest number possible with your numbers for example: 

You live in number 219C then your number would be 33. This is because 2 stands alone 1 + 9 make 10 you then add the 10 To the 2 which now stands as 20 making 30 take away the 0 and the C gives you another 3 making number 33.

Understanding Ones Problems In Energy Frequency & Vibration

numerology home business addresses


Its important that when you are choosing a house that does not have your NAMES number in it. As you will activate your cosmic karma, known as our lifes lessons which you need to learn or retake.

Therfore it is important that before you buy a business or property that you consider this and study the numbers based on your lifes number and the corresponding new address number. The street name is of no importence, so there is no need to focus any of your attention on that. Just the number of the building. 

Numerology Home Business Addresses & Its Meaning Number 1

Independance Growth

The number one house is how it looks it stands alone, meaning a house of independance. This is a house for growth and development of ones self.

If you are looking to be challenged this is the house number for you. Take note that is the number 1 is not in your name you could activate a karma in this house for spiritual development.

NUMBER ONE Examples : Letters A / J / S

Numerology Home Business Number 2

House of Pairs 

The number two house is associated with caring for others it is a house best shared. A house for couples it encourages interaction and emotional development. 

A number 2 house enourages self expression arts writing allowing room for allot of thoughts. Also known for making people undecisive stuck between options and choices.

NUMBER TWO Examples : Letters B / K  / T

Numerology Home Business Addresses Numbers Containing 3

numerology home business addresses

Social / Creativity

The number three is a very creative and powerful number this is why we see it a lot. It represents creativity socializing with people and new experiences. 

People like to visit number 3 houses they find them fun and uplifting as they carry a light energy. A good house for throwing parties or gatherings.

NUMBER THREE  Examples : Letters C / L / U

Numerology Home Or Business Number 4 & Its Meaning

Work Order & Discipline

A number four house is all about work order and practicing discipline. Therefore if you were someone who didnt have a number 4 in your name this house would activate a karma. 

Coming in the form of allot of hard work and effort, this  house will give you no peace only work and more work. 

One of the most common things about a number 4 house is that is will also require allot of work. You will find allot of things break down and need repair allot, hence why you will be working so much.

NUMBER FOUR Examples : Letters D / M / V 

Numerology Home Business Addresses The Meaning of Number 5

numerology home businesses addresses

House of Change

The house or business address number five is associated with change a good house for entreprenuers or visionaries.  In this house or business you will see allot of changes people come and go.

Its a place where ideas flourish and is good for people with a good business  mindset. This house / busines will bring the best out of you and others who within its environment. 

This is not a good house if you are a person who does nto like allot of changes. You will not be happy here as you will feel like you have no peace due to things constantly changing.

NUMBER FIVE Examples : Letters E / N / W

Home & Business Addresses Numerolgy Number 6 Its Meaning

numerology home business addresses

Family Expansion & Relationships

The number six represents family and union it is a great house to bring children into the world. It has a lot of feminine energy which is great for procreation. 

As you would of noticed it also has a number 3 inside of it as the 6 divide by 2 would give you the 3. 

What does this mean ? Because of the added energy of the number 3 people in this house are very creative, happy and fun to be around. Enjoying arts crafts and such like. Its a warm welcoming family home. 

From a business point this would be a great number when choosing a food establishment. As its greats for bringing people together! There is a certain comforting air powered off by this number and vibration.

If this number is not within your name your karma will be activated here. A karma of learning to get along with others and developing your social skills. The opposite to this could be you will have allot of domestic responsibility 

NUMBER SIX Example : Letters F / O / X

Numerology Home Businesses Addresses NUmber 7 Meaning

numerology home business addresses

Restoration & Peace

The number seven is associated with restoration relaxation peace and tranqulity. It vibrates at a higher calming natural energy promoting oneness and clarity of the mind. 

It would not be recommended to buy a number seven for businesses as it will not do very well here. This is because number seven is more to do with the mind restoration. If you were to have a business here, then only a business of interlect would work.

7 promotes interlect so if you business is more of a technical business then 7 is great. Anything else I would strongly recommend that you change the address as the vibartion will not bring you any customers.  

No 7 In Your Name ? Then this house would activate your karma by testing your faith in yourself. Think faith over fear if you are in this situation as there is more waiting for you if you have a little faith.

NUMBER SEVEN Examples : Letters G /  P / Y

Home / Business Number 8 Numerology Meaning

numerology home business addresses

Actions & Success Power House 

The number eight house is associated with success money and power. This house promotes alll  these things , being great for people who want success. This energy of the number eight is about motivation and determination. 

People who live or have businesses in number 8 houses are very successful or have the ability to be if they push themselves.

If the number 8 is not in your name ? Your karma will be activated here. It will be a time where you have to really knuckle down and start completing projects. You will see allot of result in this house. 

NUMBER EIGHT Examples : H / Q / Z

the Last Numerology Number Number 9 & Its Meaning For Houses or Businesses

numerology home business addresses

The number nine is a very powerful number as it contains all the number within it. This meaning is has a high vibrational value. It is also the last number because there is no number after 9 they repeat or a reused as 10 becomes 1. 

You will find most names will contain the number 9 within them. This number is not about karma as it contains all the power numbers 3 6 9. 

A joyful happy place to work or to have a home is shouts creativity, boldness, individuality, generosity, positivity and growth. People love this place they feel happy and light there is a good vibration surrounding the number 9

NUMBER NINE Examples: Letters I / R

The Number 11 is A Power Number

The number 11 is a power number known as the master number so you would not reduce the number. This is because number 11 vibrates on a very high vibration I would concider this number to be a very good number to move into.

Number 11 create creatvity and expression a person can really grow in the house or business. Bright colours and art works are usually represented in these numbers as well as flowers.

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