Pfizer FDA Approved Trial Ended?

Biden’s Dark Winter The board is moving remember every 11 years 2022 is the 11 years and they want you all vaxxed by then now its been approved millions more will go and get the jab. ⁣In a statement, the FDA said its review for approval included data from approximately 44,000 people. The vaccine, which will now be marketed as Comirnaty, was found to be 91% effective in preventing Covid disease.
Acting FDA commissioner Janet Woodcock said that the public “can be very confident” the vaccine meets high safety, effectiveness and manufacturing quality standards.

However, It still has emergency use authorisation for children aged 12 to 15.
Following the announcement, the US military said they would officially require all 1.3m active duty US troops to get vaccinated.
The jabs are being provided at no cost to Americans.
The FDA initially gave Pfizer temporary authorisation – a clearance given if the agency determines the benefits of a product outweigh potential risks during a public health emergency

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