Philosophers Stone Decoded

Philosophers Stone Decoded Occult Knowledge Revealed. Looking At The Mysteries of The Stone Finding Out What It Really Means Behind The Hidden Messages Signs And Symbols 

philosophers stone decoded

By Natalie Mantle Higher Consciousnes - Meditation For Freedom UK

The philosophers stone has had many interpretations throughout the history of man and woman. Some even believing it to be an actual stone, which can be created. This is due to the famous saying turning led into gold. In this blog post I intend to go a little deeper, into this stone, using the knowledge I was taught. Including what I learnt through the astral records and researched with other matrix grid players. Which will hopefully give you a better understanding of the Philosophers Stone and how you, locate it. 

Please note this information is NOT for EVERYONE  depending on your level of understanding of the mental world and how it vibrates and creates. 

The Stone Hidden Knowledge

philosophers stone decoded

Turning Base Metal Into Gold

Known as the universal binder, stating that those who possess it, would attain abundance happiness and all that is desired. Including longevity, eternal life and christ consciousness or gnosis spiritual completion and all knowing. 

For centuries the majority of the public have believed that this stone was either

  1. A real physical magical stone
  2. Folklore and Fairtales
  3. Or not real at all 

But behind the written words that have been compiled on this Philosophers Stone, lies an occult meaning. Now occult simply means hidden for those who can understand the message. So really its not hidden, but its information you have to want to know and research and raise your awareness to find and truely understand the message.  Or the information that you are presented with means nothing to you or make no sense. 

So Back To The Philosophers Stone Decoded and Explained

philosophers stone decoded

Like I said above the higher your level of awareness the more you are able to understand and will be given access to. The Philosopher Stone is a man and womans true nature representing the higher and the lower realms with your zero point, being the heart  in the centre. Now let me explain this in a way that most people who match my frequency and have raised their awareness will understand.

We are all energy fields of information, consisting of 5 layers of energy. This is your source code your program or software, within the matrix grid so to speak. Which connects us to the zero point, and is commonly known as the auric field. 

Now this field you are generating, is connected to a much larger source of connectivity and manifestation known as the Macro Cosmos. Your field connects directly to its zero point and this is what manifests, your outcomes and experiences.  This field eminates from the centre of the earth being The North Pole. Where the black sun is and where all the lights from the Aurora Borealis comes from including the Northen Lights.

A famous quote. Receive this STONE which is NOT a Stone. A percious thing that has no value, a thing of many shapes that has no shape. This unknown which is known by ALL
philosophers stone decoded
Zosimos of Panopolis
The Philosopher Stone Decoded

How The Philosopher Stone Works

Connect The Above and Below 

To fully embrace and gain full control of the Philosophers Stone, within you. One has to clear there bodies of all toxins and remove all programming and belief systems regardless of what they are. Without doing this you cannot raise your vibration higher, easiest way is to remove all blood related products from your diet.

Everything is energy and carries energetic ties which keep you stuck in stagnantion. Stopping you from raising your vibration.

When you reach a state of gnosis through disapline, by way of meditation and raising your vibration, which in turn raises your awareness. Only then can you start this process as this process will allow you to connect the above and the below. All realms of consciousness and existence as it connects them all only this time you can see it through your hightened awareness being able to manipulate it.

Connecting The All, Philosopher Stone

The creator within you, creating and viewing the world with a different set of rules as you can now:

  1. See the connection between the above and below clearly in a way you understand
  2. You understand the positive and negative, the light and dark knowing one cannot exist without the other in this dualistic realm.
  3. Understanding the importance of energetic ties because you can see them as it shows you the true cause and effect with just a thought.
  4. You now can position yourself between the field of energy and matter the zero point where all manifestations come from. 
  5. You can now create from the mind knowing it will manifest because you see beyond what is infront of you. understanding its just frequency and all it requires is a match to attach and manifest. 

The Stone Is the Heart Philosophers Stone Decoded

philosophers stone decoded

After studying the kabbalah, Torah , kemet teachings, Tibetian Book of the Dead and learning about chakras, energy fields, consciousness and the metatron grid. I see that the most widely exceped discription of the stone is that:

  • The colour of the stone is dark red, and has been said to be of an uneven shape not symmetrical, now take into account everything is coded. So they not just going to spell it out for you, when you are looking up this information. One has to look deeper behind the cloak, not go with the most obvious answers as most will, this is why they are lost

The above was all I could find on the stone for the information, I was searching. Theres allot of misinfomation out there about this stone most of which are on a lower frequency to where I am currently at so that information I have already passed. Coming to a newer and more clearer understanding of the mechanics behind this.

2020 Vision Tells Me It Is The HEART

In the human body there are 114 chakras, most people have only heard about 7 which are the most common. I am not going to list them all here as 90% of them work and perform without your input they just help the body to function. 

For higher conscious people in search of truth and awakening to the knowledge of the additional chakras. Its important to learn the 9 listed below and fully understand how to activate them:

  1. Sacral Chakra, which located between the navel and the perineum
  2. The Base Chakra, which is located in the perineum area, roughly between the anal and the genitals
  3. Thymus Chakra, which is located just above the thymus gland, located between the Heart and Throat Chakras
  4. Heart Chakra, which is located in the centre of the chest, close to your heart
  5. Throat Chakra, this is located where the thyroid gland is, in the lower part of your neck
  6. Ajna Third Eye Chakra, is located  between the eyes, just slightly higher
  7. The Crown Chakra is located in the middle of the top of the head.
  8. Gold Soul Chakra Double Crown is situated outside of your physical body 3-9 inches above the crown chakra 
  9. Led The Earth Chakra, is situated outside of the physical body, 3-9 inches beneath the souls of your feet

Turning Led Into Gold The Immortal Human

philosophers stone decoded

As you can see from above The Gold Soul Chakra Double Crown, is the Gold. The Earths Chakra is the Led. By the discription you should have noticed that both of these chakras are outside of the body. As above so below ones above you ones below you, but still ever much a part of you working with you and the field of consciousness, creation and information. 

Making the heart the Philosophers stone being able to turn led into gold meaning an awareness of ones true self and abilities within this matrix.

Matching The Frequency How It Works

To fully grasp how all this connects one has to understand energy frequency and vibration MBS. What am I saying? by this let me give you a brief EFV lesson.

  • When you have raised your vibration by meditating and clearing toxins from your body. Your bodies energy levels starts to raise, this can benefit you in many ways as you are activating your CHI.
  • You have to practice mindfulness as you need to learn how to live in the present moment as everything is created from the now, not the past not the future in the NOW, as thats all there is. By doing this you will be able to control your thoughts and stop the chatter. From here you ave a foundation

All thoughts created even if they are not acted upon, starts a manifestation and energetic tie to you. But why is this? The reason for this, is that thoughts are energy and words are spells. As we speak we create as we think we create, only problem is most of us are unaware creators so we create the things we do not want based on our thoughts.

The awakened man or woman, knows all thoughts are sacred, so he/she keeps their mind clear and avoids judging and confrontations as he knows this will lower his or her vibration. So he / she remain neutral observing but not attaching any thought. As this is what keeps him outside the box and on a high vibration.

  1. By practicing being non judgemental to yourself and others you will be given access to the spiritual realm. Which bridges the lower vibrations of this matrix being the material with the higher aspects of this realm being the spiritual. 
  2. EASY EFV Mind body soul, your thoughts whatever they might be start within the mind. creating an energetic spark within your body, known as a frequency. This then generates a vibration  be it good or bad depending on what you are thinking. Which then from the zero point starts creating, within the macro cosmo, the field of possibilities. This is how you get your lifes results.  
  3. As with anything nothing comes that easy you cannot achieve MBS without first knowing how to raise your vibration to the match of that you desire. Like attracts like, you cannot have something that is not a frequency match to you as it will not last. You have to maintain or increase the frequency which is your vibration.  

This is how you come full circle and activate your Philosophers Stone. Turning led into gold which is the HUMAN, which is you into the infinite YOU all KNOWING

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