President Donald Trump Set Up By Media

President Donald Trump set up by media, because he should never have become president as he is NOT a BLOODLINE. All Presidents are bloodline to the oldest families on earth, it is the way it has ALWAYS been.  

president donald trump set up by media

By Natalie Mantle - Meditation For Freedom

As the awakening starts to kick off in the background away from the mainstream media and the prying eyes of the public!

Allot of public figures are being arrested and are being questioned for various crimes against humanity. For a long time the public was made to believe, through programming, that Donald Trump was a racist and a man who was going to destroy america!

By twisting what they have chosen to show you on the mainstream media. AND No this is not Controlled opposition. The game is changing new RULES!

President Donald Trump Set Up Death of The REAL FAKE NEWS

president donald trump set up by media

Not a Bloodline

He is NOT a BLOODLINE and was NEVER suppose to become PRESIDENT! This should of been a dead cert,as allot of effort went into making him look dreadful. To those who never took the time to go and watch him LIVE! and really hear what he had to SAY!

Everyone else got the VERY EDITED VERSION that went WORLD WIDE. Programming worked great, so people who watch mainstream media, have a hate towards him!

BUT The American People Who Are WOKE LOVE HIM! Why? Because in the background he has been taking down this system of control, putting up walls when they try and play him whilst all along continuing to take them DOWN!

Bringing Down The Cabal & Their Extending Families

president donald trump set up by media

Taking Out The Elite Traffickers 

He has been SAVING millions of children no matter what colour they are. With multiple operations Who have been kidnapped and trafficked by the controlling powers and now he is gathering them up one by one.

Even requesting that Prince  Andrew in England answer questioning. So it would seam that he is not the evil monster everyone is making him out to be?

The new world order is at the DOOR and he will be the LAST EVER President of AMERICA because he is going to DESTROY AMERICA so that he can FREE the People from the SHADOW of SLAVERY they have been under, which extends world wide the HIDDEN HAND? 

The Great Awakening 2020 The Trumpet Has Sounded

Sound The Alarm Wake Up The Masses 

This is the Great Awakening And Its Time To Start Doing Your Own Research SWITCH OF THAT MAINSTREAM BS! and start to CRITICALLY THINK for YOURSELVES


The Great Awakening Is HERE You Are Living In That Time Start Waking Up Today

Trump Set Up By Media

Is The Strawman Real?

WW3 Has Begun

Saving The World

The Hidden King UK

Wake Up Call

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