Accomplishments Universal Laws

Accomplishments universal laws, imagine for a moment that you have in your possession a source of absolute and everlasting power. One solely could command the warmth of the sunshine, the rain, the tides and the direction of the air. What would you perform with this kind of power?

Would you abuse it causing the world to fall into absolute chaos? Or be generous and openhearted, employing your power to serve the humans of your planet?

Unluckily (or luckily, as the illustration could be) there’s no way for an individual to consume such power. Mother Nature controls the global systems. You’ll never be able to hold complete control over your surroundings.

So what if you could, just decide the path of your own life? If you could achieve outstanding things and gain great wealth merely by applying the ability of your own mind? This doesn’t have to be a “what if?” What if I said to you that you have in your mind the ability to graph the path of the remainder of your life on whatsoever course you consider fit?

All individuals contain in their mind the ability to mold the events of their life to accomplish whatsoever goals they see fit. This power is called the law of attraction.

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Purposeful Law of Attraction Accomplishments 

Accomplishments Universal Laws

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