Advanced Occult Magic Manifestations

Advanced Occult Magic and Manifestations, Start Learning So That You Can Understand and Implement. Ancient knowledge was once reserved for the few. The Internet has changed all that making this information now widely available for those who seek it.

In this e-Book you will discover the hidden power, you hold within you. Learning how to unlock this potential, so that you can start creating the life you desire. Why go alone for the ride when you have a choice to make change that will benefit you and others !

In this Book You Will Learn :

  • The basis of Magic
  • White Magician – Expert of Protective and Healing Spells
  • Black Magician – Expert of Destructive Spells
  • Mage – Expert at Psychic and Mental Control, and Spells of Willpower
  • Druid – Masters of Nature and Natural Forces
  • Enchanter – Experts at Area Effect Magic (Curses/Blessings)
  • Diviner – Experts of Future and Fortune telling
  • Conjurer – Experts at Summoning Spirits or Entities
  • Healer – Experts at Manipulating and Sustaining Life Force
  • Necromancer – Experts at Manipulating Death and the Dead
  • Sorcerer – Freelance Offensive Casters of All Types; Mainly focussed on black magic
  • Wizard – Freelance Defensive Casters of All Types; Mainly focussed on white magic
  • Satanist – Calls on Satan to indulge their desires
  • Practicing Fundamental Ability
  • Closing off Spells
  • Divine Theology
  • Planes of Existence
  • Course of Nature and its Effects on Magic
  • Four Great Powers
  • Fusion of Essence and Being
  • Touch of Life
  • Mind over Matter How It Works
  • Death & Decay The Power of
  • From Flames To Frost
  • Deities & The Cosmos
  • Raw Power of Dark Energies
  • Spirit of Serenity
  • Challenge of Mind In The Matrix

Get All The Information You Need Here In This Detailed e-Book

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