Chaos Magic Occult Beginners Guide

Chaos magic occult practices beginners guide, learn how you to can become a magician in your own right. Anyone can use chaos magic as it creates itself using various principles from all over the world.

This eBook will help and act as a guide for anyone wishing to learn magic. It talks about all the various history, methods and practices use when preforming chaos magic

Some of the topics covered in this eBook are :

  • What is Magic
  • Understanding Chaos Magic
  • Principles of Chaos Magic
  • Infinite Diversity, Infinite Combination
  • All Hail Discordia
  • Discordian Opening Rituals
  • Spiral Pentagrams
  • Sigil Magic
  • Belief – A Key to Magic
  • Basic Exercises
  • Technical Ecstacy + So much more !

Access Your Copy Today And Start Creating Your Own Magic !

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