Comfort Zones Break Free And Grow

Comfort zones break free and grow, a ‘Comfort Zone’ is defined as a state which is familiar, and a person feels at ease and in control. When you’re in your comfort zone, your blood pressure is lower, your heart beats slower, you feel like you have enough to eat and drink, and probably have affection in your life.

We’re hard-wired to accept these conditions as ideal. Who wouldn’t want to be in a place where they’re protected, adored, and in control?

The problem is, comfort is only comfortable when there is nothing to disrupt it. Nothing changes. Neale Donald Walsch, author, and motivational speaker put it this way: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” The very definition of a “comfort zone” precludes any change. There can be no growth, no creativity, no advancement, no change, or it wouldn’t be a comfort zone.

Growth & Potential Outside of The Comfort Zones

True growth, excellence, and achievement cannot come from stagnation. Your dreams, your goals cannot be achieved unless you are first willing to leave your comfort zone and spread out, take chances and occasionally fail.

Think of the muscles in your body. If you never stand or walk or run, your leg muscles will eventually give out and atrophy. To have strong muscles, you need to press them, challenge them, and make them sore.

Yet even  knowing this, it’s easier to sit with your feet up and watch TV, even if that won’t help your leg strength.

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