Complete Concepts Make Things Happen

Complete concepts make things happen, what does creativity mean to you? To most people, they refer to the arts – writing and music for example. All the same creativity applies to everything and anything fresh. Anything that’s never been made before, stems from the originative mental faculty.

  • What are your goals, your jobs, and your spare-time activities?
  • Can you determine how creation plays a role in that?
  • Do you recognize that there are 2 different sorts of imagination that play a role in creativity?

Originative imagination, which lies on the far side of our logical brain and our ego, is where all genuinely fresh ideas come from. If a scientist devises something the globe has never seen before, he’s utilizing originative imagination. Consider it as fresh clay.

Edison, Bell, and Gates were brilliant inventors who learned to tap into originative imagination. Mr. Edison, for example, was reported as having tested more than 10000 ideas for his electric-light bulb utilizing his synthetic imagination alone, and they all failed. It was only if he tapped into his originative imagination that he pulled off the perfect bulb.

Synthetic Imagination

What is this synthetic imagination? This is the imagination birthed of education and experience. You apply your brain to alter things around, view them from a different angle, or rearrange existing stuff to form something “fresh”. But nothing truly new ever came from synthetic imagination.

Access all the information that you need to start thinking higher.

Complete Concepts 

Complete Concepts

What You Will Learn Inside This eBook :

  • Getting Started With Creativity
  • What Works For Getting The Juices Flowing
  • Coming Up With Fresh Ideas
  • Use The Net
  • It Doesn’t Have To Be Either Or
  • Sometimes You Need A Break
  • Taking Actions

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