Controlling Sexual Addiction

Controlling sexual addiction, it may appear unusual at first to believe that sex may become an addictive. It’s an innate biological activity, not a chemical consumed into the system.

But even as intoxicants and drugs may become habit-forming, so may natural activities like eating and sexual activity.

These activities become problematic when they’re utilized as a means of escaping hurt or tedium, and when the behaviors carry on even when they get destructive.

Some people have described sex addiction like this:

The substance utilized was humanity. You marshall all your intellect and appeal and power to keep the dependency alive.

Getting fired from a job doesn’t make them quit. Losing a mate doesn’t make them quit. Risking their life and the lives of their sexual partners doesn’t make them quit.

As sexuality mores alter in our society, and as porn and the sexual practice it presents get ever more common, 1000000s of individuals discover themselves getting compulsive in their sexual conduct. They discover themselves enlisting in unhealthy and destructive habits, not able to quit.

The hurdle with sex addiction is that, as sex is so personal and private; individuals are particularly hesitant to admit their battles with it. Sex addiction is simple to laugh about, but difficult to admit.


Breaking The Habits Of Sexual Addictions!
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Controlling Sexual Addiction


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