Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Path 

Cosmic consciousness ascension path way Jacobs Ladder. In the beginning the divine sparks descended into matter and through experience in the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, eventually individualised as a human soul.

This has been the normal evolvement for souls on this world, but on worlds in other Universes there exist many ways
of evolvement.

For example, one could exist as a beam of light or as a vibrational sound. In a few cases the souls now on earth have evolved from the Devic Kingdom or Angelic Realm. This has been achieved by changing life streams at the Nature Spirit stage, into the animal and then human kingdom.

However, changing from one life stream to another is extremely rare at the lower levels of evolvement and is extremely difficult to accomplish in most cases. At a higher level the various lifestreams blend into one as they come nearer to perfection in the Celestial Realms.

The Ascended Masters level normally has to be achieved before life streams can be changed. In fact, one of the paths open to the Masters is to progress on into the Devic Kingdom. Past races on earth have been many and varied, each race developing one of the major facets which make up the perfect man.

Atlantean race (4th  root race) developed the emotions and the present Aryan race (5th root race) is developing the mental powers. The race to come (6th root race) will develop the spiritual powers and psychic abilities while the 7th root race will attain Cosmic Consciousness and Ascension.

As the 6th root race now being formed will come about in two ways. Firstly by the transmutation of members of the older races and secondly by souls being born into this New Race.


We are particularly concerned with those souls now  receiving a spiritual awakening to the existence of other planes of life. For it is out of these souls that the new race will be born, as their awareness increases step by step, barrier by barrier, initiation by initiation.

There are individuals who will achieve in one life what it will take the average man another 2,000 years to attain and so they will jump ahead of the normal.


Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Path Way

Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Path Way

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