Depression Getting Your Life Back

Depression getting your life back I hope, after reading this book, depression will be the least of your worries and you improve the control you have over your negative emotions.

The very first and most obvious step when it comes to overcoming depression is to understand it and accept the fact that depression is a real illness.

What is Depression?

Depression or Major Depressive Disorder or clinical depression is a serious but a prevalent medical illness that has adverse effects on the way you feel about yourself and others, the way you think and the manner in which you act.

There may have been a time when going to a particular place would make you happy from the inside, irrespective of what your mood or emotional state was. The very same place might fail to cheer you up when you feel depressed.

Now depression doesn’t only change the way you feel about a person or a place; it has the potential to affect you physically and drastically reduce your ability to carry out the most basic functions – be it at home, school or at work. Sleeping, eating and working life, can become tasks that you will not enjoy!. Let alone get through in the usual manner.

In this eBook we will cover:

  • What is Depression?
  • Types of Depressions
    1. Persistent Depressive Disorder
    2. Perinatal Depression
    3. Psychotic Depression
    4. Seasonal Effective Disorder
  • How different is depression from feeling down or sad?
  • Psychological and Physiological Effects of Depression
  • Physical effects of Depression
  • Psychological effects of Depression
  • The Science and Statistics of Depression
  • Science of Depression
  • Statistics for Depression
  • 11 Myths About Depression Are They True
  • Slay the Nightmare
    1. Chester Bennington
    2. Kurt Cobain
    3. Robin Williams
    Am I depressed?
  • How To Battle Your Worst Depression?
  • Practice caring for yourself
  • Don’t shy away from treating yourself
  • Pose a challenge to your low mood
  • Keep yourself active
  • Set goals for yourself
  • Make a connection
  • Look after yourself constantly + More
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