EFT Tapping Into Abundance

EFT tapping into your abundance, do you find that you are always feeling stressed out, down and blue? You are not alone thousands of people are feeling the same way these days. It is a fact that we are surrounded by tragedy, bad news and trauma. There is no wonder that so many people are suffering from depression and other mental illnesses.

Numerous people are now visiting their doctors more often and are prescribed with anti-depressants and other medicines. Many of these have severe side effects and require to be taken long term.

Is this something that you really want to do?

Probably not, most people would prefer to use a natural method whenever possible. If you are in this category then there is help just around the corner, EFT Tapping is for you !

Here are some of the things your will learn inside this detailed e-Book:

  • Removing the Emotional Blocks to Financial Success .
  • An Introduction to EFT
  • The Goal of EFT
  • Where Does EFT Come From?
  • The Negative Thoughts that Hold You Back
  • Does EFT Really Work?
  • Best Benefit of EFT
  • Tackling Your Negative Thoughts
  • Negative Thoughts about Money
  • A Tapping Recipe
  • Reminder Phrase
  • Set-Up Phrase
  • Saying Is Believing
  • Tuning In
  • An Video Example
  • How to start your own Tapping methods
  • Tapping Points
  • Various Tapping Sequence
  • Reassessing Your Pain or Emotional Level
  • EFT Troubleshooting Guide
  • Wrong Targets and so much more ..
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