Empty Mind Meditation Guide

Empty mind meditation guide, There seems to be a growing enthusiasm among many people to engage in meditation nowadays and this could be clearly seen in the ever-increasing number of people engaging in meditation and self-realization programs.

So we ask: “Why do people bother to allot some of their precious times to seemingly unproductive hours of meditation?” The answer cannot be seen externally as we look at those people while they are deeply engaged in meditation. The answer lies internally in those people who in the process of engaging in meditation get in touch with their inner being during meditation.

The world has a tendency to alienate a person from his inner being. Man’s mind is bombarded from all sides by stimuli which distract man’s consciousness from truly understanding the meaning and significance of most events and things in this world.

Mass media continuously try to satisfy our inner longing by providing us with all the enjoyment and diversions to while away our time and forget the gnawing reality of monotony and angst which afflict every person in our society.

These diversionary tactics provided by modern conveniences and amenities slowly distract our mind and alienate us further from our inner-self which is the source of real peace, healing, and understanding.

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