Essential Skills of Magick

Essential skills of magick, the three essential skills one needs to learn before one can truly master the arts. As all effective magick stands on three legs without these you do not have magick:

  • Imagination
  • Emotion
  • Feeling

Everything else which is added, all the words and gestures, the implements and costumes, the elaborate circles and furniture. Serve only to reinforce and focus these three capacities. If any of these three is lacking, then the work is likely to fail.

Once you are skilled in using all three, you can dispense with practically all the other things people sometimes insist are essential to the practice.

Of the three, emotion is the power that drives the whole show; emotion from the guts, and from the heart. I will go even further; it is not just emotion, but passion that is the power behind magick. Passion in the sense of an intense desire to be connected to that which you are seeking to invoke.

Essential Skills of Magick Passion

A desire that places no restrictions or limits on the connection, but which is so one-pointed. That nothing save that which is sought is included within its focus. And passion in the sense of a boundless enthusiasm for the acts by which you seek to create that connection. Admittedly, this is the ideal case; but the closer you can get to it, even for a few moments, the more likely your work is to be successful.

This passion-for-connection is what creates the magickal link between the magician and that which he is invoking; or, if the link already exists, expands it and strengthens it.

The emotion literally creates a channel or umbilicus between them, through which energy and knowledge can flow in
either direction. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the link becomes; the less energy is lost in side-thoughts and distractions, the stronger the link becomes. Thus a one-pointed focus is most desireable.

Essential Skills of Magick Flow of Power

But conversely, restrictions the magician places on the connection become constrictions in the link. Reducing the potential flow of power through it.

If a magician insists that a spiritual force or being manifest itself in a specific way, then it is less likely to appear, or the manifestation with be weaker. But if his desire for connection is unconditional, then a response is much more likely, and will be more powerful when it comes.

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Essential Skills of Magick 

Essential Skills of Magick 

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