From Mindset To Actions

From mindset to actions, have you ever had a friend that screws up all the time… in the same exact way?
Maybe it’s overeating; maybe it’s dating “that guy” over and over…

But they’re always speeding towards disaster, and asking for your help once they get pulled over! Even stranger, no matter how many times they ask for your advice, there’s always something that stops them from actually taking it! That can be a frustrating experience. But the ugly truth is… people spend most of their lives searching for advice, receiving it and then doing nothing with it.

Many people read self-help books and fill themselves with the knowledge inside, and they enjoy what they hear, but then never act on it.


That’s why we’re going to be proactive and COMBAT “sounds nice” syndrome. This is going to be an action oriented guide to getting in mental and physical shape, and then taking advantage of that boost to get stuff done. So if you’re here with me today, thanks. You’ve put yourself ahead of the pack, and made a real investment in yourself that will greatly increase your ability to make any “skill” work!

But we’re still not out of the woods yet. 90% of people will read this book, think something along the lines of “that’s nice”, shut it away and never act on it.

Instead of just throwing information at you, I’m going to help you to actively engage with these tips and apply them to your life. During many parts of this book, I am going to ask you to act on the preceding chapter.

Even those sections that are exclusively about mindset are going to ask you to write something down. This way, you will engage with a much greater amount of the material and you will be making the most out of this guide that you can.

No Quick Fixes

And I’m not telling you can’t skip around this material and get a feel for how it works… but that’s the only thing skimming will do for you.
The people who do what I ask them to do in this course when I ask them to do it, will be the people that I see on the other side. Even if it sounds silly, difficult, awkward, strange or whatever else, do it.

Because, if you do, I promise you that your life will improve for the better.
Let’s get started.

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