Higher Consciousness Meditation Tranquility

Higher Consciousness Meditation Tranquility, Sit Back And Relax To The Tranqil Sounds of Mother Earth. One Hour Long Frequency Sound Tones Designed To Work With The Subconscious Mind.

Helping you feel more relaxed and stress free, a time to allow your mind to drift away from the stresses of the day to day. With no talking so there is no need to focus on anything other than your relaxation.

Why Choose Meditation For Relaxation ?

Meditation allows you to “let go” of every day worries and literally “live in the moment.” People who meditate regularly report improvements physically, mentally, and spiritually. To begin a meditation practice, you will need to find a quiet spot, away from the phone, television, friends, family, and other distractions.

There are many different ways to meditate, for people on the go you can even meditate when walking! Meditation practices often involve learning chanting, breathing, or mantra techniques.

Initially, your mind may wander when you first start meditating. However by you training your mind to focus on the moment, you will eventually find yourself feeling very peaceful and content. Most experts recommend mediating for about 30 to 60 minutes at a time.

Beginners may find it difficult to meditate for this length at first, but don’t despair. It will become easier once you are meditating regularly.


Higher Consciousness Meditation Tranquility

Higher Consciousness Meditation Tranquility

Running Time 59:16


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