Overcoming Self Doubt Rise Up

Overcoming self doubt and anxiety, rising up when your mindset is against you, overcoming resistance when all would appear lost. A video e-Course designed to help you over come your anxieties self doubt and fears.

When you stop doubting yourself by adopting simple strategies and taking the right steps. Life becomes more manageable helping you to take control back of your life becoming more confident and assertive.

In this video e-Crash Course you will learn : 

  • Ending panic attacks and regaining control
  • Knowing when an attack is coming understanding what it is
  • Foods that can trigger anxiety and panic attacks which you should avoid
  • Eating the right food to reduce stress and anxiety in the body
  • Overcoming your fears, why they keep occurring
  • Signs that you may have an anxiety disorder and how to get out of the cycle
  • Practices and principles to use when changing the cycle
  • Mindset reset no more panic attacks
  • Ways to become more in control of your thoughts and mindset
  • Healthy happy you
  • Recovery

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