Polarities duality yin | yang guide, yin and yang is a popular ancient Chinese concept. Consisting of two complementary forces in the universe, which work hand in hand, to produce positive energy.

Simply put, one force is positive or otherwise referred to as masculine while the other is negative or otherwise referred to as feminine. Neither is preferred or is better than the other, and both are highly desirable elements when it exists in perfect harmony and balance.

This concept of equal balance between negative and positive elements, is of course contradictory. To most existing fundamentals where good is always sought after in its complete form.

The cycle repeats itself. Where one leaves off the other begins and vice versa. This opposite attracts and binds well concept is reflected in many ancient Chinese sciences and philosophies such as :

  • Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Chinese martial arts

Are just a few that follow this concept. In this eBok you will learn how to balance you own yin and yang energy.

Polarities Duality Yin


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