Relationship Rescue Plan

Relationship rescue plan, relationships can be beautiful things that bring us much joy and pleasure in our lives. Sometimes we face issues in our relationships that cause problems between the participants.

Look at your hands. The four gaps between your fingers were made for your special someone to fill. However, being in a relationship is not always a bed of roses. Sooner or later, both of you will encounter problems or challenges. Thus, there is a tendency that either of you will let go of the hand of the other.

Soul Mate 

When you have found the love of your life, you feel like everything is perfect, right? That is how magical love is. It can turn a gray world into a colorful one, a frown into a smile and melt a frozen cold hearts. 

However, not all things stay the way they are. Given the fact that nothing in this world lasts forever, something will surely change in the way you and your partner feel somewhere in time. These changes are caused by problems, which are triggered either by internal or external factors.

Internal factors are caused by a change of perception of feeling towards your partner while external factors are caused by third party, money, misunderstandings on a certain matter, jealousy, contradicting beliefs in politics, religion, etc. and others.

Guilt Ruins Relationships

If you are wondering on how breakup and divorce come to be, then these factors are the culprits. However, it is up to you and you and your partner if you will let those assail your relationship or not. Do you feel guilty because you are the one who made a mistake or do you find it hard to forgive your partner because you were betrayed?

These instances will really cloud your mind and heart with confusion, but if you will do the right thing in the end, you will not be haunted by the wrong choices you have made. In this eBook you will learn everything you need to know, when it comes to saving and having the right relationship for you. 


Relationship Rescue Plan

Relationship Rescue Plan

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