Romance Sex Relationships Guide

Romance sex relationships guide, despite the sexual revolution in the 1960s, the fact is, many Britains still feel that sex is a taboo. Each person has different sexual preferences and though there are those who are very vocal about their needs in bed. There still are others who opt to keep silent for fear of being called vulgar.

Researchers nowadays are saying that another sexual revolution is well underway. As evidenced by the high rating of shows that has sex-related content. In a recent study conducted by Jean Twenge of San Diego University, it was found out that 50% of teenage girls are already having sex. And are also considered the leaders of the teen sexual revolution in the new world.

The issue of oral sex is now seen in a new light as more and more teenagers no longer see it as disgusting. A trend shows that sex has moved past the boundaries of relationships, marriage and pleasure. Going more towards the quest for pleasure.

Parenting & Sex Education 

With the knowledge of teenage sex, how many parents have bothered to educate their children about the pros (if any) and cons of early sexual activities?

Studies show that parents would rather pretend that their children have no idea what sex is yet. Feeling that talking about it would make them more curious, which could lead to experimentation.

But this is definitely not the case. Children can now access sites featuring couples having live sex, or a live sex show with models as stars. No, teenagers nowadays are no longer as innocent as we want them to be, and despite the many precautions parents take to prevent their children from sexy webcam chat rooms and club live sex, it just isn’t enough.

This eBook you will get all the information you need on making the right choices when it comes to sex.


Sex and Romance 

Romance Sex Relationships Guide



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