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Sample Contents From Chapter 4

Sex is a means of enjoyment. It helps remove depression and enhances happiness. It is the fact that has been revealed by several experiments. There are many other advantages of having sex. Proper sex can easily solve the problem of fertility.

Moreover, good sex is one of the main factors of a happy life. We see that many of us still believe that sex is a sin and that’s why we feel shameful and guilty to share the sexual contents with others. But it is true that sex is not a sin and it is one of the beautiful gifts of God to us. When you try to satisfy your life partner, is it the way to satisfy God? We have found that the Bible has kept a special place for sex and knowledge of sex helps you to understand the fact. Sex and sexuality have a close connection with spirituality.

Both men and women are greatly attracted to sex, though their sexuality differs. Sexual satisfaction is the aim of sex. If you just think that it is only a physical need, then your ideology needs modification. It is not only a physical demand, but also a mental demand. Good sex has the ability to satisfy an individual both mentally and physically. You have to change your outlook first. Rape or sexual harassment should be avoided, because these can destroy the morality of an individual. Sex with commitment can tie the bonding of a relationship. It is the main cause of long term relationship.

Sex is one of the most popular means of enjoyment. One can easily get both physical and emotional satisfaction from it. Any sort of mistake in this special moment can destroy the whole moment. A good sex is mandatory for a married couple. It ties the bond and helps to understand each other. That’s why you have to set your mind first to enjoy the spiritual satisfaction of sex.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Spiritual sex

Chapter 3: Satisfaction in sex

Chapter 4: The Mindset and the spiritual satisfaction of sex

Chapter 5: The benefits of mindset in satisfaction

Chapter 6: The killer ways of boosting your mindset during sex

Chapter 7: The laws of attraction and satisfaction

Chapter 8: The traits of satisfaction and dissatisfaction in sex

Chapter 9: Tips and secrets to great satisfaction spiritually

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