Transcend The Power of Words

Transcend the power of words, the first step to making positive changes in your life is to overcome your negative thoughts. The best way to change your thinking pattern is to reprogram your mind. Blasting your brain with positive affirmations that can lead you towards your desired results.

While this process cannot bring about instant change, it can actually accelerate your progress. Taking you a fewer steps away from radical success. With the right choice of positive affirmations, you can finally achieve your life goals and see results you may have never thought possible.

So, how do affirmations work?

At first, you may think that it is just some weird idea of planting seeds of reality on your mind. However, affirmations are actually backed by neural science.

While affirmations cannot substitute the effect of medical treatment, they can still affect your overall mental health in a positive manner. When affirmations are practiced regularly and deliberately, they can slowly reinforce brain pathways and strengthen the connection between two neurons. This increases the likelihood of conducting the same message you want your brain to process.

The Science

Try to imagine a chunk of dry land. When rain pours, water will not have a place to go until it finally cuts a certain path through the arid land. As more and more water runs through that same path, it can cut a deeper indentation into the land.

The deeper the dent, the more water will start running through it. Positive affirmations work exactly like that. In neurology, you can sum up this idea in one phrase – neurons that are capable of firing together can wire together. The brain also eliminates synapses that it rarely uses.

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