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Understanding Aptitudes and Attitudes Guide. When reality, affection, and might are harmoniously lined up, they produce the predominate idea in personal development: being intelligent. This encapsulates each theme discussed so far into one merged whole. Once we comprehend the beautiful uniting of reality, affection, and might, we intuitively realize intelligence.


By encompassing reality and casting off ignorance, untruth, and denial, we produce the ideal terms for lifelong development. We learn about ourselves by having a look at physical reality. We are continually anticipating outcomes and bit by bit refining them for better accuracy.

As we take on every new level of reality, we reach ever- greater levels of awareness. There may be no intelligent development without reality.

Affection is smart

We can’t discover and grow solo in a void. The reason for this is that, we have to form fresh connections inside ourselves and with other people to broaden our capabilities. By merging as a community, we accomplish ever- richer levels of familiarity. Thereby increasing our reason, motivation, and creative thinking. There may be no smart development without affection.

We’re vastly creative organisms, free to convey ourselves in physical form. By casting off idleness, timidness, and cowardliness. We become able to exert might responsibly rather than living in dread of our own greatness.

With trained, centered action, we produce our own reality and respect the reality of who we truly are. There may be no smart development without might

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