Rewriting History Self Destructive Reality

Wisdom- ‘Re-writing history: A Self-Destructive Reality’ I would like to begin by saying, “I have not paid for, nor have I been offered, any information contained in this column”. “Validity for educational, informational, and personal sources, has come from all places”

rewriting history

By Christopher Shira

Before anyone calls me fake or ignorant, I would like to say that I am not religious, but spiritual. Although, I only take bits and pieces from the bible. From the strong building of morals and family structures to the positive teachings essential to life.

That is all I use from the so called ‘Good Book’ I am also very mixed in my ancestry. My heritages Consist of: mostly Celtic/Pagan roots with Masonic and Syrian ancestry.

I am a Capricorn, am very in tune with nature. I also love the essentials of life. My peers have called me a lantern, or a beacon. Upon becoming a sage of truths, I have been considered a Mystical Unicorn.


The Truth About Your Reality

rewriting history

I do not perverse the truth

The truth is this: There is no Isis terrorist group, there is no war on terror, the only terrorists we need to be aware of, are our very own government(s). To be quite brutally honest, I do not agree with the governments, religions, public education, judicial system, law enforcement, any other corporation or their methods to instill fear into the hearts of men and women alike.

Fore thru fear, the controlling of the masses is possible. Be not afraid of death, for death is the release from this prison called mortality. Strive to re-unite with your inner power. The separation from source has destructive intention holding its hands.

Married with sin and trickeries, manipulation and most of all fear. Misguidance, confusion, fear, is the full intention of today’s corporate world.

Original Humanity would simply wish away with them. …. Below is a brief essay on why I am doing all this…. 

Done My Research

rewriting history


I did excessive research on 4th century BCE civilizations for the proofs of the demoralization/destruction of celticism/paganism along with their spiritual, mystical culture.

The information found deemed very heartbreaking and actual facts about a possessed Emperor/General (Constantine) who thought he was God (self-anointed himself so).. In those days, he was the victor over the pagan/celtic culture. Destroying most of their prophecies, knowledge’s and magics.


The transition into the fear based religions, still to this day, remain in power by the enslavement of imagination, dogmatism, prejudice towards outside faiths, fear of listening to ones’ feelings or even the fear of Firey hell if one so does not believe.

Scary as it may be, waking up realizing the oppression of spirit abilities. All these knowledge’s and secrets the spiritual cultures had the abilities to possess.


Christianity Take Over

rewriting history

The Quest

Constantine, in his quest to create Christianity in this world, located and destroyed the ancient temples and libraries. Having all the knowledge’s and sacred information, gathered and locked away for rewriting into the holy scriptures(Constantine Bible), known today as the New Testament.

So, he (Constantine) assigned his mother, Helena, the duty of scouting out the clans of all the celtic/pagan, even secluded tribes or anywhere a Temple was spotted. Reporting their locations back to Constantine. Successful victories were obtainable by denouncing and slandering their cultures, calling them heretics and demons… For their involvements in mystical magic, trinkets and idols with enchantments.

Renowned(high status) priests could perform excorcisms, cleansings, rituals, and yes even resurrections of the recently deceased.

Today the killing for control is much less, although very wrongful and brutal. They slaughtered innocent people, every celtic, pagan, including non believers of his ‘god’ because he (Constantine) could not or did not fully understand the spiritual vision he had.


Secret Societies

rewriting history


Was also very pagan, he misunderstood the spiritual magic (mysticism) that everyone possesses within.

Nowadays, we have special schools and organizations such as secret societies, free masons, spiritual healers, teachers, Gurus, Shaman and meditation counselors. Many other groups are rising up who still practice these very ancient ways.

Sons of God

I blame the sons of God… Here is why, I do not intend to blaspheme or deny scriptures, but, first before any discrediting occurs, please hear my perceived  analogies.

In the B.I.B.L.E.,(Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) The ‘Sons of God’ are what we have been programmed to believe are the Nephilim, or fallen angels. Or if i keep myself hidden what we may learn to be ‘Harvesters’, who appeared to earthlings and seen how the daughters of Earth (feminine and positive divine positive spirits that were actually two joined as one being of light), were fair and good.

In The Beginning 

Original Humanity beings were pure and existed in the higher vibratory states, thus causing them to appear as a ball of energy. (yes, allot like a goku super saiyan) It is not rocket science to figure out the meanings of the coded messages.


The Coded Messages

rewriting history


The Sons of God (the fallen angels/demons) are known as, Malevolent, corrupted deceivers. These fallen angels are (from the war in the heavens) beings from other worlds, are who the defeated in the intergalactic war in space, are referred to as. It makes perfect sense.

In those days, space is looked upon as ‘The Heavens’. So Sons from the Heavens would interpret to be people of military positions. Since all were supposedly male in appearances, would make sense to be described as ‘Sons of God’ (descender’s from the heavens). Also perceived as ‘fallen’ or ‘defeated’ Seeking refuge on Earths’ abundant southern region, known today as Antarctica.

To my belief, is not completely ice, similar to Iceland, which was intentionally named such to ward off travellers, by the believing the land is frozen, in fact, it is not so.


have proved the existence of such a place in the southern region of our planet. Evidence found today proves the settlement of inhabitants from an ancient past, was and still is, established. All this information resonates true to my spirit. With a life path of 11, I have a very old Spirit, which makes sense to why clarifying information’s, seek out intelligent beings to provide answers to the majority of an uneducated world.


Meditation & Clarity

rewriting history


It has given me much clarity and peace by listening, by feeling my spirit when i encounter new truths including information’s.

These highly trained scribes who rewrote the bible are not real prophets. They were professional, Highly trained scribes (story writers) and were ALL hand chosen by the possessed Constantine. Who forced this belief onto the eastern cultures or brought death to those who did not convert. I do not trust those devils.

The Earth is the all giving, life bringer, all benevolent and kind. The ancients had it right. And these invasive species are only here to harvest and mine our earth of her natural resources, even our earthly kin are slaughtered today in organized cults. This will render us with a very exhausting process to bring the world out of darkness. I use nature magic, as well did the Christos, meaning ” the good” hence why Christos was highly spoken of in the ancient times. So the Christ is just another way of saying, from good.

But Yeshua Benyoseph, one of these, or our world is the triple goddess, the all giving earth mother. Take a look at the planetary energy field or the “spiritual power” and take a mental note of its unbalanced and dying appearance. The spiritual energies are being trawled for by these elites. First great example of this is by the mysteries of the killed off renowned men and women who provide truths and answers… Search your hearts, not your heads.

Don’t know why the details are so accurately shocking. My deep analyzations of information’s I so attain, keep me writing columns for interested potential disciples or pupils who seek to know.

If you have questions regarding this information, please try to see with an open mind. 

The Real Ghost Stories

rewriting history

The real ghost stories

Are what the Christians did when they arrived here. Slaughtered and raped our mothers children. I AM Celtic/Mason blood. I am also Syrian and mixed native/white as well. The Emerald Tablets, Dead Sea Scrolls are what remains of our Polytheistic (pagan and Celtic/Norse/Gnostic/Mystic ancestries) I have 330 or a 33 in my life path. Also am a Unicorn or Capricorn. Only a Capricorn is considered this, upon awakening to the spiritually in tuned Unicorn(The un-defiled conscious), does Capricorn begin to learn the hidden secrets of the mystical. Naturally.

The Ancients Had Thoth, a man of Mysteries and of the universe , and also the secrets of mysticism. A Unicorn. My circle has just begun a permanent gig here at our most local Masonic Lodge(still has the big G in the stained glass window and also is still ancient Temple style. One of the oldest standing mason lodges in Spokane.

I love believing that the Logos (Energy, spirituality possessions or knowledge’s, etc.) is the spark of life inside every one of us. Our energy is only borrowed, which in time, will have to be given back. I do not worship a false god. But many natural items such as the forests and the rivers. Lakes and mountains of high. No one will ever tell me otherwise. If everyone is actually going to allow themselves to be scared into believing in only one, that is the way of evil.

What god is so jealous and envious for power and control that he would instill fear in the hearts of men? The thoughts of war, chaos and destruction.. Not our benevolent earth mother spirits, but the followers of the darkness’ lord Wake up everyone, The negatives are here and corrupted everyone…. Get grounded and ask Mother Earth for Protection… Believe me, i would not say these things if i was not certain of my knowledge’s… With much love and hospitality..

Namaste A’Ho!

So Mote It Be!

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