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Sellfy Sell Downloads For Free

Sellfy How To Make Money Online Selling Downloads For Free 

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How to sell downloads using Sellfy online e-commerce store.

Have you ever wanted to sell downloads but just didn’t know how. Poverty To Freedom Blog are here to show you exactly how you can sell your digital Downloads. You can sell downloads of ebooks / audios / apps / images / software and more.

All you need is a computer / internet and a PayPal / Stripe Account or a Bank Account of your choosing. I would recommend that you use PayPal / Stripe as they are a trusted platforms, making your payments secure also giving your customers security when spending on line.

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Selling Download Has Never Been Easier

After trying a number of platforms to sell Digital Products i found that the Best Company to use was Sellfy, I give my reasons below

Sell Downloads Sellfy

1.They offered a Free account which was a bonus not that that sold it to me

2.The offered a free 5 item upload -so that you could register for an account with them and then upload your contents and test them out there is no limit to the uploading of the 5 items however you do have to pay more when uploading more i will cover that next.

3. For a Monthly Fee of $18.00 USD / £16.00Gbp you can upload unlimited yes that’s right unlimited amounts of downloadable products. Other companies charge you by storage space meaning the more you upload the more it costs you.

4. Codes you can embed into your website or blog pages showing a buy now button when selling using other method of online marketing of your product

4. Links that you can add to posts when marketing your product

5. Social media discount features which you can add to your products or promotional items, also a share item discount add on so that people who share your product receive a discount when the buy the item, giving you more coverage right ! Everyone likes a bargain or money off.

6.The only downfall i could see with sellfy  was that you cannot upload any single file larger than 2gb but lets be fair most digital products are not going to be anywhere as large as that.

Making Sellfy a perfect place to sell your products there is a link below which will take you to the Sellfy website where you can open a free account and start selling your products straight away !

Sell Digital Downloads With Sellfy Click Here

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