Truth Purge Chessboards Truth Is The New Hate Crime

Truth Purge Chessboards, Sorry for the inconvenice, truth has got us  TRUTHERS in trouble. Welcome to the New World Order. 

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In 2021 truth is dangerous there is a darkness sweeping our earth and many cannot see it. Those who see it are deemed as crazy and insane, why? because they have taken the time to reserach and look into things a little more. The real truth purge started on Feb 8th 2020, when the new energy came into our atmosphere. This was when the pope went to Arizona to use the Lucifer telescope to view the arrival, he ordered the building to be cleared. 

The second purge came when David Icke went on London Real’s YouTube channel. After years of telling the public about the elites agenda, we had reached the point of no return. All the horses we in place all the chessboards set up and now the elite were putting into play the final piece by way of a pandemic. 

The Second Truth Purge

Truth Purge Chessboards Truth

The Second Purge Shadow Banning

The second purge, following David Icke going onto London Real, caused allot of truthers to come under fire. As the truthers network exploded everyone knew what time it was and started really pushing out the truth. Which many had only pushed out to the selected over the years and those who searched for it. Suddenly truth went viral and the elite started to get worried.

MSM the mainstream media was under pressure to maintain the narrative. This caused the front runners such as YouTube and Facebook to take action. By way of shutting down anyone who speaks against the narrative, or who is putting out information they wish the general public not to know. They installed software to detect words images and hastags, including breakers to stop videos they didnt want going viral. Helping them to shadow ban and demonitize channels even shutting them down if they were really putting out the true message.

Then they came for the other channels and the profiles of people who were considered dangerous due to their followings. Why because these people could potentially wake up millions of people stopping their evil plan.

The Third Truth Purge

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The Truth Purge People Livihoods

The 3rd truth purge came after demonitization, as this caused allot of people who were just doing it for the money to stop spreading truth. As they wanted to continue making money on the YouTube and Social Media Platforms such as Facebook. You Stop making money on these platforms the minute you speak out against the narrative. 

So many people have lost years of work and contents due to this purge, us included. We lost over 6 million followers on YouTube alone. Including hundreds of thousand on our facebook pages which you lose as soon as they shut your profile down. Years and years of work gone, all because you put people before money. 

Many were bought easily and to hold onto their followers and channel revenue they stopped spreading truth. Which they thought could get them in trouble and now promoted more suitable contents so the could keep their online income. So they changed to the other truths as everything is a lie anyway you need to reasses everything. 


The Real Truthers Did NOT Get Tempted By The Riches of YouTube and Facebook

The real truther are worth their weight in gold.

The real truthers after being evicted from all the social media platforms owned by the elite branched out. They joined channels such as Bitchute and Brand New Tube. Some were lucky and were able to build their own websites or had them before the purge. They continued to spread the message to wake up the people, but now their message were limited. Why? because everyone likes Youtube and Facebook, this is where you reach the most people. The new software installed by YT and FB also redirects videos you post a video from BNT or Bitchute and if its real truth they redirect the lilnk so you go to the home page instead.

This is why people are drawn to these channels FB and YT as they pay you for contents when you have a large following. YouTube and facebook will run ads on your channel and you will get paid, so everyone can watch your videos and you earn an income for the work you out out directly from these companies. 

When they are in it for the money they will not like Brand New Tube or Bitchute as they do not run ads on your videos therfore you do not get paid. You have to rely on donations from the people who watch and find value in your videos or contents. 

Now in 2021 you will start to see who the real truthers are why? because these people will be outcasted, like we have been. We have lost allot since people started waking up last year and the purge began. Millions of followers content and videos all for telling the truth. Today Facebook shut us down on our profile which has been inactive for months. As it kept getting repeat bans blocks, you cant post, you cant comment, your post goes against policy, fact checker, fact checker you get the gist. But today they finally did it without warning years of work gone. 

Sorry if Contents Is Missing and Some Links Not Working On This Website

The Great Awakening

Truth Purge Chessboards 

We would like to offer our apologies, if you have tried to access videos on this website or links that are coming up error or this channel has been terminated. This is because we had allot of contents on YouTube and Facebook and due to the purge they closed us down causing allot of the links on this site to now be broken. We are working hard to resolve this issue and have everything back to normal on the site soon. 


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