Stagnation 4 Common Fears

Stagnation 4 Common Fears That Allot of People Have And It’s Holding Them Back. In Order To Grow We Need To Overcome Things That Make Us Uncomfortable! 

Stagnation 4 Common Fears

By Natalie Mantle Guest Blogger - Meditation For Freedom

What’s holding you back, from achieving your goals? Chances are it’s fear of the unknown. As allot of us want to know how its going to end before we start, leaving us in a state of stagnation.

Today I am going to be talking about stagnation and the top 4 fears, that keep us in our zones of comfort. Oh how we love our comfort zones!

This is because, there’s a certain contentment that comes of knowing exactly what to expect from day to day. The problem is we can’t stay in this state forever. Remaining in your comfort zone leads to stagnation, procrastination and inhibits your personal growth.

A Way Out A Solution

There is a way out of this so that you can move forward, persuing your dreams and ambitions. It is to challenge those comfort zone barriers that are holding you back and eventually leave
them behind. By overcoming your fears, so why don’t we do just that?

Change can be a terrifying thing, because we like to much routine and certainty. There are four main fears that are to blame for just about every barrier we throw up, that’s keeping us from taking life to the next level.

Stagnation 4 Common Fears 1

Certainties & Guarantees 

There’s a certain comfort that comes in knowing precisely what to expect in every situation. Imagine all your life you have been use banking the old fashioned way. Where as you went into the bank, and spoke and communicated with a cashier a real person.

Now imagine yourself having to do online banking, because your branch is no longer open! As due to technology moving so fast branches are closing. You have no choice but to go online and it’s somthing you’ve never done before. Because your a complete novice when it comes to technology and you can just aabout work out how to send a text! 

Do you Suddenly feel tense? I bet the answer is YES! The reason is simple: You don’t know if you’ll be able to do it, so you hesitate. Thinking why should I try something new, when I know I already like what I always done before and is comfortable with that?

Embracing The Unknown

By embracing the unknown might well mean you’re about to discover, something that makes your life a whole lot easier! Occasionally you’ll pick the wrong thing to pursue. If this happens mark it up, as learning experience and
move on dont spend time dwelling on it.

Remember This: That thing you know you like now, that you wasnt doing 12 months or even 24 months ago? Once that was new too!

Stagnation 4 Common Fears #2 Failure

stagnation 4 common fears

A Fear of Failure

No one likes to fail, this never our intention, when we set out to do something. But have you ever taken the time to considered that, failure could honestly be a good thing?

Because when we fail, we learn a way that doesn’t work. We are able to look back and see the mistakes we made, causing us to learn something about ourselves. Which we might not have been aware of before, failure is always an opportunity to grow for a person with the right attitude and mindset.

4 Common Fears Rejection #3

stagnation 4 common fears

The Fear of Rejection

We worry that if we put ourselves out there at the mercy of others. That we might wind up unloved, unwanted or just plain rejected. What if people do not like my stuff! By holding back with people, your keeping them at arm’s length. Never enjoying the relationships, opportunities and the moments that you COULD have.

This by all means does not means tell the world your plans and everything about you. It simply means when you put yourself out there, you need to give 110% being YOU. Because unknowing to most vibrational energy speaks volumes and people pick up on these things and will not be so supportive and have faith in you . Why should they when you are not giving off a vibe that you have faith in yourself. 

The more support you have the more your fear of rejection will go away. Paving the way to new opportunities because you are now putting yourself out there and vibrating on a higher frequency. 

Fear of Success!

stagnation 4 common fears

The Fear of Success Is A Real Thing

Every change can be frightening especially when it happens quickly. As with success comes the acknowledgment that what you are doing is important, worthwhile and interesting. 

It’s hard to give up that negative self-image and the damaging mindset that has spent years reinforcing them. But by you letting go and enjoying your success, a whole new world opens around you. This is because your vibration will change, allowing you to connect with the right people.

When we let go of our fears, we’ll find that leaving that comfort zone is not only easier but necessary if we’re ever going to grow. Besides, why should we be giving the time of day to something that holds us back.

We can spend a lifetime worrying about things that are never going to happen! Or you can make a choice today to grab LIFE with 2 hands and start doing things differently. 

People Can Give You Ideas, But Only You Can Change Your Life.

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