Technology Stealing Jobs Awakening

Technology Stealing Jobs Awakening, What Does The Future Hold For Humanity. Now That We have Reached The Dawn of Higher Technology On A Larger Scale. Are We Being Led Into A World of Control and Uncertainty. 

By Natalie Mantle - Higher Consciousness Blogger

Times are changing at a rapid pace, all around us we are seeing more and more technology, being put into the public domain. Allowing us to see to some extent what technology is available out there. However you have to ask yourself, what does all this really mean for the general public?

Could you be out of work within the next 5-10 years or even sooner? Why do I say these things you might ask. The reason being is because its all being played out in plain sight and the public, are just going along for the ride unknowingly. 

In this new world unlike the old one humans are becoming more and more expendable and not required. Lets get into this 

Taking Over In Plain Sight Technology Stealing Jobs Awakening

Technology Stealing Jobs Awakening

The Death of The High Street 

One of the first most noticable things most people would have noticed. Is that allot of shops on the high street, are constantly having sales or closing down. We no longer have to wait until after Christmas to grab a bargain or a good deal. Sales are now all year round everywhere. 

What was the reason for this? The reason was quite simple, more and more people started shopping online, and stopped shopping at the stores they use to physically. With the added convenience that they could do it from the comfort of their homes, no more queing no more goin out in the cold. How great it sounds in theory and how convenient it has become for the comsumer. With up to 85% in Britain alone opting to shop online, rather than a physical store. Leaving way for the dawn of the coffee shops, wine bars and allot more charity shops on the high street.

What Impact This Had In General

By more people choosing to shop online, we witnessed allot of long standing companies go under. Companies such as Woolworths & Toys-R-Us why?

When asking this question you have to take allot of factors into account. The main one being these stores were run by old school way thinking people. Business men/women who could not see the potential of online shopping and how long term it would cut their overheads making them more profits. 

They missed the boat like allot of companies and lost out to the competitors of the new dawn. People like Amazon, eBay and Aliexpress.  Causing them to declare bankruptcy and leaving allot of people out of jobs and in shock.

Why Technology Will Leave You In Poverty

Technology Stealing Jobs Awakening

The Road To Recession Profits For The Elite 

As good as all this technology is. Unless you are using the technology, to benefit your spiritual development, higher consciousness, business or ideas then its wasted. As more and more shops are closing down as I mentioned above, due to the rise in online shopping. Also when you do go to a real shop in the real world, you find 90% of the time you have to self serve yourself.

Oh how giving people a novelty makes them not realise that they are putting someone out of a job, the cashier. Also that they are working for free, scanning and packing their own shopping. Now from a business perspective this is excellent let me explain. 

Win Win For Business Owners

Looking at what I just said from a business perspective this is great. Why you ask me, my answer is? Its great because if customers are serving themselves you are reducing allot of outgoings on wages. The machine will work at open of business until close, it will not have a day off, need holiday pay, sickness pay or any pay. Leaving you only to pay for 1 assistant to assist customers its a win win situation. 

For the employee this is bad, because as more and more people serve them selves and they shop online for food, clothes, music etc. Your services are no longer required, but they do it in such a way that you dont see it coming. Thinking oh its great we have self service tills no its NOT!

Even the banks are closing down because they have convinced us to do online banking in time for a cashless society. “Which They Have NOT Told Us” Even though they knew they wanted to do this in the 1980s, as that was the time they started prepping these plans.

People dont see that coming aswell, they think its great this contactless pay system pay with our phone etc etc. But what it is doing, is slowly taking the cash away from you until you feel that you dont need it. 

Artificial Intelligence Is Running Things Whilst We Sit Back

Artificial Intelligence Will Take Over 
There is no doubt in my mind that artificial intelligence will take over forcing humans, being the general population out. This does not include the other humanoids that live here, they will not be effected by this, but more benefit. Little by little we are being made useless because the machine leaves no room for human error. Some examples of whats going on would be

  1. In Japan they have a hotel competely run by A.I robots The Henn Na Hotel- Still in the early days but if it works in one hotel. Will not be long before they do it mainstream
  2. Amazon has a driveless freight truck which currently drives anything up to a 650mile route. How long will it be before this goes mainstream leaving people out of work
  3. Robot Autononomous Taxis, have now made their debut in London this Month October 2019. Bringing passengers to the destinations and so far without any glitches. Taxi companies will soon be running their businesses on minimum staff or none at all. As we now have apps to book and this is done by automation not humans.  
  4. Autonomous aircraft the boeing air taxi – Taking just one year to go from concept design to a flying prototype. The Boeing self-driving aircraft is designed for fully autonomous flight from take-off to landing with a range of up to 50 miles. Future flights of the aircraft will test forward, wing-borne flight, as well as gauging the transition between vertical and forward-flight modes.

  5. Artificial Intelligence Police Force – Many police departments are already using artificial intelligence to help predict and identify suspicious persons and places. Due to increased computational power and oceans of data have given rise to inferences about violence and threats.

Artificial Intelligence will change policing just as it will healthcare, finance, commerce, world views, travel, transportation and so ,much more. It will be connected to everything and become a part of everything like a web with one central core The Singularity the energetic grid system which is controlled by a higher intelligence than ours. No one will police them, so we are giving up our freedom without a fight, because we did not know we were at war? 

Technology Stealing Jobs Awakening Can Artificial Intelligence Be Bias?

A Program For A Program?

Recent research has unearthed the dangers of hidden bias in Artificial Intelligent systems. These biases can lie in the training data, algorithms, and overall design of the systems themselves. The introduction of such bias should raise alarms when applied to a criminal justice system. That has imposed disproportionate burdens on racial minorities and the poor for eons.

It is a commonplace to point out the volumes of research documenting the thousands of discretionary decisions made by police, prosecutors, and judges. That have contributed to this result. And by relying on these biases,the Artificial Intelligent-based systems in policing can reproduce and further amplify these patterns.

History Could Repeat Its Self

If an Artificial Intelligence system is premised upon racially biased policing data. It will integrate such biases into the analysis provided to the police. Police officers who then find criminally suspicious behavior in those neighborhoods identified by an A.I system will confirm these biases. That then creates the potential for a pernicious feedback loop.

We Are Not Asking Enough Questions

Technology Stealing Jobs Awakening

We Need To Start Asking MORE Questions

You the general public, the collective consciousness including the police agencies, local communities, and local governments should be asking:

  • How can these Artificial Intelligence systems address the potential of reproducing and amplifying bias? This should involve not only testing of an artificial system before release but also continuous monitoring.
  • Will the company providing the systems permit access to researchers to ensure that rigorous and open monitoring will be possible? and will the results of findings be provided to those communities that have historically experienced biased policing?
  • Controlled states, how will the Rfid human chipping effect your DNA, because as we can now witness G5 is killing off allot of wildlife, nature and effecting allot of people

Awaken & Ask Questions

There are so many more questions one has to put to those who are in power. But with allot already in place now G5 has gone up, and people none of the wiser. Makes me wonder why I had that permenent repeating vision of the future all them years ago back in the 1980’s was there a point to it all.

Allot of what I write about, I learnt as a child or I witnessed as a child through visions. Now in the year 2019, I have ticked off so many of the visions, as they are no longer a theory in my head. As I was once told by doctors and close family, but a fact in our reality a crack in the matrix.

I would love to hear your thought’s on the artificial intelligence take over, but my biggest question to you would have to be WILL YOU TAKE THE RFID CHIP and be 100% controlable or will you resist.

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