Worldwide Order September 2021 11th October Is Deadlines On The Chessboards.

The house of cards will fall some more now deadlines have been put in place for all those under the governments wing to get vaccinated Military, Police, Health Care, Education, Social Care Etc and in some countries even in the general workplace guidelines are being given that all employees should be vaccinated. Many thought that this would never happen as its ILLEGAL to be forced to take something against your WILL…. and for a PAYCHECK that’s bloody insulting, your life is worth more than a PAYCHECK.. But now the right people will start speaking out as these are the people that have been on the ( FRONT LINE) so they know if there is a pandemic or not and judging by their decisions no to take the vaccine and now being bullied into taking it or losing their job, I would imagine there are allot of people who never spoke up before will speak up now. This is what the public need as a truthers words only go so far a POLICE MAN, DOCTORS words are taken far more SERIOUSLY! This is the world we live in

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