Elite Trafficking Ring Conspiracy Exposed?

Elite Trafficking Ring Conspiracy Exposed? As more and more people wake up during this great awakening. Caused by this so called virus, it was only a matter of time before the public switched off the programming box.

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By Natalie Mantle Higher Consciousness - Meditation For Freedom

You can fool the people some of the time, but you cannot fool them all the time – Bob Marley

It was only a matter of time before the public, would wake up to the dark workings of this world. The first step was switching off the TV so they could think for themselves and start to question what they had been told. By both their governments and the main stream media, which I personally think lost all their credibility during the past few months. In a way that the public could clearly see it. Where they would not have before.

This has caused a shift in consciousness across the globe, daily millions are waking up and looking at the world they thought they knew differently.

Elite Trafficking Ring Conspiracy Exposed? Media Distractions

Elite Trafficking Ring Conspiracy Exposed?

The Public Is Spoon Fed Disinformation and Misinformation Both Are Dangerous 

Since the worldwide lockdown allot of strange stories have been coming to light most of which, most of us would of considered conspiracy. But when conspiracies start to have a place on the board of our lives. Which is has, then it has cause many to question the official narrative. Of which they have been told.

To combat this and distract us many stories have been spooned to us such as:

  1. They brought back the fear of ebola? As if people was not scared enough
  2. George Floyd, To create a divide and conquer race war. Which will also help with economy crash and demolishing of the state as planned. 
  3. The they brought back Epstein, this was one of their mistakes! Why because the public had to much time on their hands

This is what led to the public discovering a whole can of worms and opened the elites door to child trafficking.  

Black Lives Matter? Real or Hoax Cards Made 1980s Bottom Image 2020 after George Floyd?

Elite Trafficking Ring Conspiracy Exposed?

This Is Clearly not The Same Guy? Also Whats The Chances, the same thing would happen in 3 countries?

Elite Trafficking Ring Conspiracy Exposed?

Elite Trafficking Ring Conspiracy Exposed? Wayfair You be The Judge

Wayfair Furniture Ad Conspiracy? Make Up Your Own Mind. There Is No Spoon Feeding Here!

Elite Trafficking Ring Conspiracy? Make Up Your Own Mind. There Is No Spoon Feeding Here!

A third party vendor for Wayfair, have been accused of human sex trafficking. Listing missing girls as overpriced furniture for sale indirectly. Many people on social media where seen posting pictures of high priced furniture on Wayfair that are allegedly named after missing girls in a human sex trafficking ring.

As like Pizza Gate, where a pizza parlor was allegedly used as a guise for more sinister ideals, in this case Wayfair vendors are using furniture to disguise human sex trafficking auctions. Or are they?

For examples see video above, something is clearly not right? You decide for yourself. 

One thing that would put allot of questions to rest would be the appearance of the little girl in the video. Someone knows who she is and if this was a joke, then it a very sick one.

However we will never know unless the girl/ girls are brought forwards and someone explains the nature of the video above and why Wayfair was mentioned at the end. 

Another Similar Overpriced Furniture, Site Items Matching To Children. Named Overstock

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The Great Awakening 2020

If you have not realized already, we are in the great awakening the end of the BIBLE! Yes the end of the BIBLE, its that time. This is why all is coming to light, the rabbit hole is within everything. Its not just one thing, the time has come for you to start paying attention to whats really going on in the world around you.

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