Freemasonry Secret Societies Religion

Freemasonry Secret Societies Religion, The Creation of Religions and the Suppression of Knowledge. Leaving Mankind Out In The Cold As To His True Nature and Abilities.

Freemasonry Secret Societies Religion

By Natalie Mantle - Meditation For Freedom

With allot of people in the year 2020 starting to question allot of what they have been told. During this time of awakening on the plane we call planet earth. They have allot of unanswered questions,in regards to their religion, their true nature and their purpose here.

None of which their faith can seam to answer, leaving people lost. Everyone believes that their religion is the true religion and this is what has caused the biggest division amoung us.

NO Religion Only Worship of The Sun Love Energy Creation

As we know the very early egyptians did not have a religion as we do today. As the were operating on a much higher frequency of understanding of all things, with and without the body.

Their messages on the graves and tomb stones were their pleas to the afterlife, stating that they had lived within peace and harmony in this life. One egyptian created the 42 laws of maat, which were all the things he had and had not done whilst he as alive. They were Kemet coffin texts or funerary papyri.

Today this same plea has been shortened down and made into the 10 commandments which we have in the Bible and was indoctored into thinking was the word of God. 

Freemasonry Secret Societies Religion, We Are Light Beings Incarnated In Dense Bodies

Freemasonry Secret Societies Religion

Infinite Beings Having an Human Experience.

We are spiritual beings having an human experience within this physical plane. Operating within lower frequencies to interact with this realm, this is why we only see 000.5% of whats really there.

Everything is energy including you and thoughts create reality based on vibrational laws which are exact. Known as EFV or MBS, the thoughts create the feeling, which then creates as vibrations within your body and that vibration it is what the universe understands so it starts to create. 

Due to various indoctorins and incarnations, we have forgotten who we really are. This has caused us to identify with the physical body, focusing only on the 5 senses. Forgetting that we are inifite beings with amazing abilities and that what we think we create.

So Why Are We Here?

Freemasonry Secret Societies Religion

We are here to learn and to raise our vibrations. As much evidence tells us, that we fell from being high vibrational beings who resided in the higher realms of existence. To lower vibrating beings who have fallen into Yesod the foundation being earth, the dense vibration the physical world.

Our aim is to learn, turning led into gold, which is your body. Raising your vibration and rediscovering the God within. Knowing thy self, as when we know thy self we can command anything, returning back to source in the higher realms of existence. To do this we have to travel back through the 7 heavens / vibrations, which consist of upper and lower levels. This is referenced in many teachings including the kabbalah and Torah.

Lowering Your Vibration

Due to conditioning we have allowed ourselves to be governed by others and by our very own ego. So we now identify with the body and not the soul, we are stimulated by the 5 senses. Which is lowering our vibration and making us sick because, all our focus is on them which are:

  1. Smell- We have become so obsessed with smells and fragrances that we damage nature and kill animals for ingredients. Stealing the wealth of the world for profit, even moving people and animals by force out of their homes to take from the land.
  2. Taste- The food we are choosing to eat has been contaminated. By no longer growing our own food and living off the land we have put our trust in supermarkets and companys. Who have added allot of damaging chemicals to our foods for various reasons, the biggest being profit.
  3. Touch- We have become so addicted to the stimulation of touch that, as a population we have created a sex industry worth more than anything else on this earth. We even torture and kill and kidnap people, in the name of this thats how detached we have become.
  4. Hear- We have ears to listen, but we only listen to respond. Therefore we are not listening. We can only listen fully when we are listening from the heart without judgement, just listening. This is why we only really hear 20% of what people are telling us because even though we have the ears we do not hear.
  5. See- The eyes to see, we could be given a pass on this one. As due to the religious control system and governments a sheet has been pulled over our eyes allowing only some to see. The most common tool used in doing this is: Religion, Government, Flouride, Education and the Media.

By focusing on the 5 senses we are abandoning our more powerful senses and we are doing this unconsciously everyday. Because unlike the egyptians we do not have control of our kundilini snake the ego, and as of current, it is controlling us. Keeping us inthe lower 7 densities of this realm, not allowing us to raise our vibration or consciousness.

Freemasonry Secret Societies Religion,The Religious Control Systems

Freemasonry Secret Societies Religion

Europe & The Catholic Churches 

If we go as far back as the 11th century, this was a time when pretty much all of europe were under the tight reign and grip of the catholic churches. Also during this time the same european leader of the church started a clamp down on anyone who did not support their religious concepts.

They sent out armies known as crusaders to try and take over the holy land. Most of which by now had become heavily dominated by muslims. Although their jobs were to kill anyone who did not support the concepts of the catholic church.

However they returned with very different concepts to that which they had been taught, by the Catholic churches.

PAC Power and Control Using Religion As A Bind To Control The Population

Before the supression of mankind under religion, the people of the earth knew of only one God. They worshipped the sun and understood that God being love was within all things, including them. They did not need to seek God through others as they had a direct connection and was also connected to all things as is God and as is Love the vibrating energy life force within all things. 

Religion would come to change all that and the more we started to identify with the body and the material world the more disconnected we became. Seeking the guidance of Gurus, prophets, priests, sharmans and so forth. These people claimed to be in direct contact with God and could be the only direct access, therefore you would have to go to through them to get to God. 

Over time the message would become distorted, due to the greed of man. Adjusting and changing the word to suit his own needs and agendas. To the unknowing followers, would would hang onto their every word, about this life and the next. 

Keeping The Faith Putting The People In Bondage

Religion soon became big business and over time more people became gurus, priests and religious teachers. Long forgetting the original messages and using the knowledge to manipulate and extort people for money and keep them in a low vibration with fear. To ensure that people remained loyal to the churches, mosques and temples, laws and rules were created such as:

  1. Dogmas, the treat of heaven and hell
  2. Dress Codes, what people should wear
  3. Punishments for breaking the churches or temples rules
  4. Morals, one should live by including not questioning your church or temples teachings
  5. The 10 Commandments- however this varies from religion to religion
  6. Days you should keep holy and sacred and many more

By doing this it was more easy to bind people in bondage to their religious teachings. To be connected to source is not to be binded to a temple or church as God is within everyone and everything. Meaning to be connected to God is to be free, if you are binded to a shrine, temple, mosque or church you are not free, this is bondage.

Freemasonry Secret Societies Religion, Making Money Out of Religion

Churches, mosques, temples, shrines and religious establishments, soon started charging their followers fees. Just to be part of their groups, they did this by charging people by way of contributions, donations and getting them to work for them for free under the word charity.

People are hungry and homeless and the Vatican’s wealth it at about $30billion to $66 billion of  this wealth, Italian stockholdings alone run to 3.6 billion, 35% of the value of listed shares on the Italian market. The Vatican also has big investments in banking, insurance, chemicals, steel, construction and real estate. Making them the richest religious establishment in the world hence the figures on google about their net worth being wrong its estimated to be 3 times what is stated for public viewing. 

Not all establishments are like this, some really do help the people in need. Even though they are still teaching the doctrines passed down to them unknowingly believing it to be truth. 

The Secret Societies Hidding Knowledge Because It Was Forbidden To Talk About

Freemasonry Secret Societies Religion

A Higher Understanding A Different View

As mentioned above the catholic churches had sent out crusaders, soldiers. To take over the holy land and remove anyone who did not support their concepts. However this did not go to plan with some of the crusaders as upon travelling to these lands they discovered a whole new concept and teachings.

They had always believed based on their catholic beliefs that Lucifer, Shytan, Satan was wicked. However now their eyes were opened to a new concept were as Lucifer was infact the opposite to what they had been told.

He infact wanted to free mankind by educating mankind in the ways of good and evil. They believed that he was the true God, the light bearer and that Yahway was the real devil as he wanted to suppress mankind not showing them their true nature.

Secret Societies Hidding Knowledge

This is where the luciferian doctrine began, but it was not something that could be said out aloud and in public. So underground back alley societies were created to share and keep the secret knowledge.

Which they all knew they could be killed instantly for, if they were ever heard talking about it outside of the societies created. As to challenge the catholic church in these times would of not ended well for anyone who did not support the churches version. 

The ones who returned from the holy lands, became known as the knight templars. There Symbol the red and white cross. Croix de Lorraine is a double-barred cross that is featured prominently in the coat of arms of the Dukes of Lorraine. After Lorraine Nobleman Godfrey de Bouillon became the king of Jerusalem during the First Crusade, the symbol became known as the “Jerusalem Cross.” When the Knights Templar arrived in the Holy Land, as the crusaders for the catholic church, they adopted it as the symbol of their order. 

Some of the most earliest secret societies that were created were:

  1. The Rosicrucian Order- Established in San Francisco in 1858 by the American spiritualist and abolitionist Pascal Beverly Randolph. Who was an African American medical doctor, occultist, medium and spiritualist. He is possibly, the first person to introduce the principles of erotic alchemy sex magick to North America.
  2. Knights Templar- The military order was founded around 1118 when Hugues de Payens, a French knight, created the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon—or The Knights Templar for short. Headquartered at Temple Mount in Jerusalem, 
  3. Freemasons- Most earliest reference to masons are in the Regius Poem, or Halliwell Manuscript, which was published in 1390, but Freemasonry as we know it today was founded in 1717, when four London lodges merged to form England’s first grand lodge. 
  4. Order of The Eastern Star- Was established in 1850 by a lawyer and educator Rob Morris, a noted time served Freemason. But was only adopted and approved as an appendant body of the Masonic Fraternity in 1873.
  5. The Illuminati- founded by professor Adam Weishaupt, in Bavaria on May 1, 1776. Weishaupt sought to cast aside organized religion in favor of a new form of “illumination” through reason. drawing his formulations upon ideas expressed by the Jesuits, the Mysteries of the Seven Sages of Memphis, Kabbalah and the freemasons.
  6. Skull & Bones- Founded at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut in 1832. Skull and Bones founder William Huntington Russell was inspired by an occult society he’d visited in Germany.
  7. Ancient Arabic Order Nobles- Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, founded in New York on September 26, 1872, and named “Mecca.” The National Order was founded June 6, 1876. On June 25. But in 1888 Rameses Temple in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was chartered and the Order became the “Shrine of North America.” the name “Imperial” was adopted to signify the International Order.

Since then many more societies chartered and unchartered have been created, across the world. 

The Luciferian Doctrine & The New World Order

Freemasonry Secret Societies Religion

Lucifer The Light Bearer The Doctrine.

The story of the serpent in the garden of eden, like everything in this reality there are 2 sides to a tale. As thats really what these biblical stories are tales and interpretations. 

Most religions would have you believe that the serpent was bad and that he/she tempted man. However as the crusaders the later to become knights templars found, the story across the waters seams quite different to what they had been taught. 

This new concept which seamed to be taught by others they were sent to silence under the order of the church. Stated that lucifer was the God/Goddess who wanted to save and educate mankind, showing him his true powers. This is were he/she got his name the light bearer, they stated that Yahwey was the devil as he wanted to suppress mankind keeping us unknowing. 

This is where the luciferian doctrine came from. Making way for the set up and creations of secret societies. 

Secret Teachings Coming Out In The Open

In the year 1888 everything changed, when a woman named Helena Blavatsky. Who was the co-founder of the theosophical Society published a book.

The book was called the secret doctrine which made most of the secrets, gaurded by secret societies, public for all to see. Even if they could not fully understand it, as they had not had the training. 

Many more were to come out and write about what they had been taught. After Helena Blavatsky had paved the way for them even though, her book was met with allot of resistance. Dubbed as the newage movement of the time, a time where the light bearer Lucifer would lead mankind into a new era of love and peace. 

The New World Order, Order Out of Chaos

Freemasonry Secret Societies Religion

The New World Order The Georgian Guidestones

Ordo ab Chao meaning order from chaos. This justifies any methods including, killing, polluting, poisoning, deceiving and more. To bring the new world order into existence, afterall they have written it in stone. 

It is no secret anyone can view them, they are the Georgia Guidestones. Consisting of very large granite upright slabs, they were erected in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia.

Consisting of 10 new guidelines, written in 8 different languages. To replace the 10 commandments which were taken from the hall of judgement the tombs of the egyptians the 42 laws of maat. 

In a world of conspiracies and speculation, it would be worth mentioning for anyone who has not looked into these stones.

One of the new 10 commandments states: Maintain humanity under 500,000.000 in perpetual balance with nature. Many must die on the earth for the benefit and comfort of the few It would be fair to say they are really trying with this one:

  1. Vaccines
  2. Chemtrails
  3. Contamination of the food and water
  4. G5 
  5. Nano technology 
  6. Energy weapons
  7. Human Chipping
  8. Birth control 
  9. Wars
  10. Famines due to weather control and greed

For Those Wanting To Know The Others They Are As Follows:

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. As mentioned above.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion, faith, tradition and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth, beauty, love, seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the earth, leave room for nature.

This is how the powers that be on this earth intend to bring forth a new era. End times, as we know it, and a new beginning under the New World Order.

Still with the demonic Godhead the Vatican in control, Allowing Religious Powers To Maintains Control Under A New Cloak. This new cloak will be called the One World Religion. 

Thanks For Watching, Listening or Reading This Post- Natalie Mantle Guest Blogger Meditation For Freedom.

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