Occult Magic Dark Arts

Occult Magic Dark Arts, Divination , Conjuring, Manifesting a World of Magic Created By You. Learn to understand the basic principles, so that you can start creating your own magic

occult magic dark arts

By Nicole Foley - Meditation For Freedom

Magic is a touchy thing to begin. I suppose the first major question is religion. What is your religion? Is it compatible with magic? Do you wish to change religions to a magical one or simply merge what you have?

There is much debate on this topic, but here is my opinion: Most religions ban magic as evil and have severe penalties, either now, in the eternal, or both for practitioners of any form of magic.

More than likely, your current religion will not mix with magic. Many practitioners have to break from their current belief system and form/join a comfortable hybrid religion. Also, the option of simply abandoning what you currently know as religion and radically changing your belief system is open.

It very rarely works, due to moral and emotional conflicts, but it is still an option.


Whats Your Nature ? Magically

occult magic dark arts

Magical Nature

The second major question confronting magicians is, “What is my nature, what can i do ?”. This question spawns many different answers.

Some people like aggressive magic to attack an adversary, or a friend’s adversary. Many use protective magic to shield themselves and their friends from the stormy blast of other magic.

Many people abandon the idea of combative magic ( hexes & curses) all together and opt for enchantments to ease the burdens of life on everybody, such as blessings and prosperity spells.

Classes of Occult Magic Dark Arts

Magic Occult Arts Classes

Here are most of the major classes of magician (as far as I can tell, all spells can be accounted for within these castes):

  • White Magician – Expert of Protective and Healing Spells.
  • Black Magician – Expert of Destructive Spells.
  • Mage – Expert at Psychic and Mental Control, and Spells of Willpower.
  • Druid – Masters of Nature and Natural Forces.
  • Enchanter – Experts at Area Effect Magic (Curses/Blessings).
  • Diviner – Experts of Future and Fortune telling.
  • Conjurer – Experts at Summoning Spirits or Entities.
  • Healer – Experts at Manipulating and Sustaining Life Force.
  • Necromancer – Experts at Manipulating Death and the Dead.
  • Sorcerer – Freelance Offensive Casters of All Types; Mainly focused on black magic.
  • Wizard – Freelance Defensive Casters of All Types; Mainly focused on white magic.
  • Priest – Calls on God to defend them and to work with their situation as necessary.
  • Satanist – Calls on Satan to indulge their desires.

Deciding What You Want To Do

occult magic dark arts

The Gift

After deciding what you want (or, more accurately, what you are able to do), it is time to confront the third, and most difficult question of magic.

The third question of magic is the most difficult because of all the options it presents: What do you want? This is by far the most difficult. At this point the magician must decide how to shape their universe.

Do you want money? Design a prosperity spell. Do you want power? Create a node. Do you want knowledge? Learn demon conjuration (or scrying for the white magician).

Once you have the power, you must figure out how to use it. 

Your Fundamental Abilities

Abilities Occult Magic Dark Arts

Now, keeping in mind the basic list of caster types given to you above, choose your type (fate?).

You will, as a rule, fall under one of these categories. If you do not, you do not know your talent. Find you magical niche and exploit it. If I could offer one bit of advice, which I can, it would be this, Take Your Time!

The decision process is long and hard. You can not just sit down one night, ponder your brains out and emerge with the answer (normally; but, there are some people out there that are just plain gifted at everything). It takes a long time to figure out just what your talent is, and also keep in mind to search every aspect.

Some people want to be conjurers, but are simply not good at it while they are good at elemental magic but do not like it. This may be the case. Do not exclude magic that you do not like for that reason alone.

Try diligently to find out what you can do, and then determine what you can do with it. A good idea is to find a scryer or conjurer that can tell you (if you get really stuck).

For A More Extensive Learning on This Subject I would Recommend The Book : 

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